Monday, October 21, 2013

Super styling boys

Baby Plum didn't get many clothes for his birthday this year. The one thing he did get? A Rock and Roll shirt from my aunt. He loves it! He's typically fairly happy with clothes, if they pertain whatever he's currently interested in.
 In an effort to get more kids to stay the full day and week at school, Little Elvis' school had "Wear a Crazy Hat Day!" last Friday for kids who had perfect attendance and weren't tardy. He picked my Dad's "Indiana Jones" hat, because one of his friends likes Indiana Jones. He said he would be Kansas City Jones!
 At his parent/teacher conference on Thursday, I told his teacher I might try to bring his brothers to have lunch with him on Friday and let them wear hats. I forgot that Little Elvis' lunchtime is during Baby Plum's pre-school day, so Baby Plum didn't get to go.
 But Cheese Puff wore his Mickey Mouse hat. He was a hit! And, I told Bob he needs to start watching his back. Two of Little Elvis' classmates told me I was beautiful. One was most likely just copying the other, but it made my day.

This week the reward is sunglasses day. Little Elvis has never been a big fan, and I don't know if we have any. I'll have to do some digging I guess.
This was just a funny shot later in that day. Cheese Puff laid several books out on the couch and was "reading" them. At least that's what I think he was doing. Silly boy.