Monday, October 07, 2013

Tom Tom hangs up his belt

Little Elvis' play ended this weekend with three performances. He did a great job and had a blast doing it! Here he is right before the final performance. Isn't he cute? I think it's a great picture of him. We should have made him hold his pig, though.
Little Elvis played the part of Tom-Tom the Piper's son who stole a pig and away he did run. Here, Little Elvis is running across the stage with his pig.
Here are the police after they apprehend him. He's wearing a Snugli. He couldn't do the dances and hold his pig, so someone suggested a Snugli. They didn't have time to fold down the front of the Snugli during the final performance, so you might not be able to tell, but he's got his pig in there.

He did a great job for all three performances. They said they had kindergarteners in the play, but I believe those kids dropped out of the play. I think Little Elvis was the youngest. And (I might be biased) he did a great job acting. He was loud, and he did the lines with some feeling. His dancing was super-cute. I was worried about his rhythm, but he managed to keep up fairly well.

He is such a lucky boy, because his teacher came to his performance! He was so excited to see her, and ran off the stage as soon as the curtains were closed so he could say hi. It was very sweet.

And his guests worked out well. For the first performance, one of Baby Plum's friends came with her mom. His teacher came for the second night. And he had 6 guests for the final matinee, including Gram, Coachpa and Granny. He loved every minute of it.

Little Elvis even handled a wardrobe malfunction on the second night. In one of the first scenes of the play, he was supposed to run across the stage holding his pig. His belt started to fall, and he couldn't really run with it around his knees. He still managed to look at his pig, hug it, and waddle off. It was so funny! And it wasn't the only wardrobe malfunction for the play. Another little boy lost his pants! Luckily, he was a bear and had a bear costume on under it.

Baby Plum and Cheese Puff went to 2 of the performances. On the first night, they were fairly chatty. Cheese Puff kept saying, "Where's Little Elvis?" "Where's Little Elvis?" And once he saw Little Elvis, he would yell, "Little Elvis!"

Baby Plum also wanted to know Little Elvis' whereabouts. But he had questions about other things, too.

The women in front of us, didn't seem too happy with their antics. But on Sunday, most of the people around us thought they were cute.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

How cool! Little Elvis was a very handsome Tom Tom!

Also, it seems like a great learning experience for BP and CP - even if the learning was mostly about watching LE (this time)!

2:17 PM  

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