Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for funny, mischievous boys

Sweet, funny boys. We're very thankful for them. They are healthy. They are happy. They are doing well. We are very grateful for them. We have friends who are experiencing some issues right now, and it puts my little complaints into perspective about our boys.
They had a nice Thanksgiving, and they behaved very well. I was very proud of them.
As a reward for eating something moderately healthy earlier this week, I promised to make them a Turkey Cake for Thanksgiving. Little Elvis, one of the loudest proponents of this thing didn't even eat any. When presented with salty or sweet, he will usually choose salty. He seriously said, "Why aren't we having French fries? They are my favorite Thanksgiving food. Why didn't the Indians eat French fries? Why'd they have to eat turkey?" It was too hard to explain that they didn't have Fry Daddies back then, so I just said because.

We're getting towards the end of the year, so I thought I'd write about funny stories from earlier this year.

This spring, Bob had a night class during some of Little Elvis' baseball games. Taking all three to the field and battling two while trying to watch another and keep him from getting discouraged wasn't fun. So, I asked my grandmother to keep Cheese Puff. Once Baby Plum learned that Cheese Puff got to stay with Granny, he wanted to as well.

Little Elvis finished the game, and we headed to pick up his brothers. But no one came to the door when we knocked or rang the bell. When I called her landline, it was busy. When I called her cell phone, there was no answer. I was starting to worry, when she finally came to the door.

Apparently, one of mine had messed up her TV in the living room, so they were in her bedroom watching TV. I told her that her phone was off the hook, but she said it wasn't.

I fixed her TV, and while packing up the boys, my dad called. He wanted to know if Granny was ok. Her medic alert button had been pushed and her phone was busy. I told him she was fine and told her again that her phone was off the hook. She said it wasn't.

But she realized that in the move to her bedroom, one of the boys must have pushed the emergency button. We laughed, and I was glad that we'd told them not to send the ambulance in time.

We said our goodbyes, and as I was loading us into the car, an ambulance drives up. Seriously, right as I was telling Baby Plum what would happen if he pushed that button.

I told the drivers she was fine, and one of my boys pushed the button by accident. We tried to knock on the door and ring the doorbell, but she must have headed to the back of the house again. She wouldn't come. The EMTs left after I assured them she was fine.

It was a mess. I felt very, very bad. It took them less than an hour to mess up her TV, take her phone off the hook and push the emergency button.
But look how sweet they usually are. Cheese Puff likes to climb into the ottoman just like Little Elvis did.
How could this sweet little boy get into so much mischief?

My poor grandmother. They are little handfuls, but she seems to really enjoy them anyway.
These pictures were taken one random morning last week before school. They all got up, ate, brushed teeth and were dressed in record time. On those mornings, we get to play before heading out to school. And that random morning, they were all doing something different, instead of fighting with each other. It was so nice that I had to document it.

Very thankful for them, mischief and all.

Monday, November 25, 2013

We made it!

I have no pictures, but this weekend (in very cold temperatures) I took all 3 boys to the zoo by myself. We spent all Saturday morning at the zoo -- from 9:30 to 1 p.m. -- and we only had one meltdown! And it wasn't by me!

Bob had a conference in the big city, and suggested that we meet him there Friday evening after I picked Little Elvis up from school. The boys were thrilled, and Little Elvis kept calling it his vah-CA-shun. It was one night in a hotel.

Our poor children. The night of their vacation included eating out at Costco and shopping at Target. The sleeping situation wasn't great, and Little Elvis did get in trouble. They are pretty good sleepers at home, where we have a routine and can shut them into their rooms. In a hotel, we have no schedule, and we couldn't shut any doors. And we have the fear that they are being way too loud for our poor neighbors.

But it worked out. They got to eat fancy hotel breakfast the next morning, and then I bundled us up as best I could and we headed for the zoo.

I thought I'd have to wrestle poor Cheese Puff into the stroller, because he's decided he's too big for them. But he went in pretty willingly.

We headed in and went straight for the Herpetarium. Little Elvis is still interested in snakes, and I wanted the warmth.

We were able to make our stroll around the zoo work out so that we were able to enter a warm building every so often. In one of them, I let Cheese Puff run free for a while. Getting him back into the stroller wasn't too bad, but keeping a hat and mittens on him was impossible. I gave up on the mittens, and would stick a snack in front of him whenever I wanted to put his hat back on.

We roamed a lot, and even got to see a place of the zoo that we'd never seen before. Baby Plum got to see his beloved flamingoes! That boy loves flamingoes. I so hated that I didn't have my camera for that. They were "swimming" with some ducks, and I swear they made quack like noises. We got to see how their wings are kind of orange-y pink with black on the bottom. When they tuck their wings in, you can't see those brighter colors.

We also saw a polar bear moonwalking in some water. He did exercises the entire time we played in the inside viewing area. The boys weren't interested in him though. They liked the sea lions swimming on the other side.

On a bathroom break, we saw that the zoo was going to have a Marvel Avengers skit. So, we decided to play in the play area for a bit, then visit the aquarium and tropical birds (both inside!) before going back to watch the skit.

Little Elvis was mad that we weren't up front, and knew he wouldn't be able to see, but he did. I broke out my magic weapon at that time, because it was past lunch and naptime. The boys ate their fruit snacks. But Cheese Puff wouldn't let me help him get his out of the pouch. This led to tears. I let him out of the stroller, but a whole day stuck in a cold stroller looking at fences finally got to him. He laid down on the ground and cried for 15 minutes. I let him. I know people probably thought we were nuts, but we were outside and the Avengers skit was loud enough to drown him out. He would have just screamed in my ear if I'd forced him to let me hold him. Once he was done, he let me hold him and give him kisses to swipe.

Once the Avengers skit was over, we headed back to our car and found our way to a McDonald's near Bob. He was still in meetings, but we were fine. We enjoyed a very leisurely meal where some man asked if Cheese Puff was a boy and if all three were indeed mine, and finally met Bob at Bass Pro shops.

Little Elvis knew Bass Pro Shops would have a Santa Wonderland. The older boys met Santa and made ornaments. Cheese Puff refused to get near that jolly old fellow. They played with remote control cars and watched fish. And then some woman tried to sell me on going to some sort of time share somewhere. I couldn't get her to understand that we don't really take vacations. We just don't. Our trips to the big city are fine for the boys and for us. Vacations are work. Vacations are expensive. She didn't understand. It was a mess. I felt bad for wasting her time, but I never showed any interest. I swear.

So, there you go. We survived a day in the big city, just the four of us. I'm fine with the four of us at home, but was very nervous about the big city. I'm proud of us. Little Elvis and Baby Plum did a good job being big brothers. I shouldn't have forgotten the camera. We needed proof of our big accomplishment.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Huggy huggy kiss wiper

This baby. That baby. My baby. Cheese Puff is a silly, silly little boy. And I often find myself calling him "this baby" or "that baby," but he's my baby. I tell him that all of the time. He seems fine with it, unless he's kidding with me. And this baby? He likes to kid.

He also likes to hit. Sometimes it's because he's mad at his brothers. Other times it's because he wants to play. He likes to play "hit" and then say "Huggy, huggy!" when we scold him. That saying is all him I think. He's very aware of how cute he is, and he knows how to work the cuteness factor in his favor.

Sometimes he'll just want a hug, and will say "Huggy, huggy!" without hitting first. I like those times.

He's also a kiss wiper-offer. He loves to lean in for kisses, and then wipe them off after you give him one. If you don't play, he'll kiss you and wipe off his mouth or tongue. He loves both sides of the game. Sometimes we'll wipe off his kisses, and he has a blast with it. He thinks it's hilarious.
While he never seemed as sick as Baby Plum the other week, he must have been a little under the weather. The day that we finally took Baby Plum back to school, this is what happened at 9 a.m. I went to take a shower, and found him sleeping sitting up. I had planned for us to run errands, but ended up mopping and sweeping the entire house instead.
Never one to give up a chance for cuddle time without pokes or prods, Wally was glad to keep Cheese Puff company during his nap. The cats try to stay away from the boys, unless it's naptime. I don't blame them.

We haven't had any more early naps, and I'm glad. I think my boys are mostly healthy now.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cute boys in cute hoodies

The weather was perfect last week for the older boys to wear their matching Perry the Platypus hoodies. Cheese Puff didn't have one, so he wore his puppy dog hoody instead.
See how sweet they look? I believe the two older boys were dressed for school. Cheese Puff didn't have to go to school, so I didn't bother taking him out of his PJs until after we got back home.
Have to do close ups of my sweet boys. Cheese Puff gives me the solemn side look.
Little Elvis gives me the kind of smile.
Baby Plum gives me the sweet smile. This is him after almost a week with pink eye. His eyes still look really tired here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some things are better in theory

Or maybe it has more to do with timing?

In the midst of our week of sickness, I decided it was high time to rake the front yard. In an effort to encourage some use of energy, I raked 2 big piles for the boys to jump in.

Then we called them out. It was a bit of a let down.
Baby Plum took a half-hearted jump. Cheese Puff ran around the pile.
Little Elvis made a nest.
Cheese Puff had the most fun. But he was most likely the most healthy.
Baby Plum attempted to have fun.
But they decided it would be easier to chill.
I tried to talk Little Elvis into doing something. It didn't work.
Cheese Puff finally brought out the beach ball. If he's going to play outside, he needs to have a ball. Who needs big crunchy piles of leaves?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Silver Linings

It's been a crazy week here. We're not a busy family. But this week, we seriously had something planned for every evening.

The highlight was Wednesday night when the boys joined their daddy on stage for a staff talent show. He decided to bring in the "awe" factor, which he did. They didn't win, but I bet they came close. They were certainly the cutest performers.
They were very excited beforehand.
Luckily, most of the performances were musical. They were pretty good at waiting for their chance to get on the stage.
They didn't have to wait too long for Daddy to get on stage.
But they did have to sit through one song before they made their debut.
Once they got on stage, all of the "awes" began. Please forgive my shoddy photography. I was holding the camcorder with my right and the still camera with my left. I am not ambidextrous. I was kind of amazed that I was able to do that.

Little Elvis has gotten really good at wiggling! Baby Plum knows all the steps and practiced several nights ahead of the show in anticipation of the big event. Cheese Puff was just glad to get up on stage and spin like a tornado. He was also very willing to practice beforehand. Little Elvis was not.
Here are some better pictures taken by someone who must have been holding the camera with their dominant hand.
Thunder and lightning!
I'm going to say he's doing the wind. He had to bring Doggy with him. Doggy is becoming as constant a companion as the paci.
Definitely the wind here. This baby was beyond excited about this. He cried when it was over, because he wanted to do another song. He was so happy to be onstage with his daddy.
I think they had a fun week, but I'm glad that all of the busy-ness is over. I hope next week is calmer for us. I lost my voice last night, and would like to have it back.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

What to do with sickies?

We're still in the throes of sickness around here. Baby Plum's pink eye is pretty much gone. A new cold has taken hold. Little Elvis was sick early last week, but recovered quickly. He had a fever again today. Cheese Puff's eyes are now red and yucky. So I guess he has it now. Of course, he also has a cough and runny nose. We're a total mess.

And what do they want to do when they're sick?
Watch TV and play on ipads, of course.
Or, snuggle up with a pillow and someone snuggly. Oh, this baby is snuggly. He loves to hug and kiss.

I've been able to get some cleaning done that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. But I'd rather have my energy full boys back.

They have had moments of spontaneous energy. They still want to play outside some, and I've been letting them play outside when they want. It's chilly, but not super cold yet. Hopefully, I'm not making them worse by encouraging play when they have the energy for it.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Little Elvis joke of the day

A new nugget from Little Elvis:

What kind of snake do babies like?

Rattle Snake!

Ah - hah!

We've never heard this joke. He says he made it up himself.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Firefighter boys

Two weeks ago, our library story time was about firefighters. So, I talked Baby Plum into donning his fire fighter get up. Amazingly, we don't have any fireman duds for Cheese Puff. He was forced to wear red and his puppy jacket. Don't some fire trucks have fire dogs?
They posed for me before we left.
Very serious little firefighters.
They both enjoyed the fire truck, and Baby Plum ended up being glad that he wore his firefighter duds. He gots lots of compliments from the actual firefighters.
I was taking a picture of Cheese Puff's outfit. Naturally, I had to take one of Baby Plum as well.
This outfit was mine. At least I believe it was. My mom kept most of my baby clothes. This is one of the few items the boys got to actually wear. It was too small for Cheese Puff. We had to really force it. But he "worked it." 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween Catch-up

The boys had a busy Halloween week! They had a lot of fun, possibly too much.
Our church's Trunk or Treat was on Sunday. They donned their costumes, and we brought all of the Halloween decorations we had to decorate our trunk. Little Elvis was adamant that we do that. He would help. He and Baby Plum did draw on some of the pumpkins in our pumpkin and witch hat garland, but that was all he did. I kind of knew that would happen. They still had fun.
Baby Plum wore a Cookie Monster t-shirt under his costume. (They had bouncies and I wanted him to bounce without a tail.) So, he and our little Cookie Monster posed in front of the Cookie Monster car.
Zazu the bird dancing to an impromptu version of "Free Bird."
A better profile shot. The eyebrows make it, I think. In the movie, Zazu's eyebrows are very expressive. He usually looked a lot angrier than I made this one.
Here's the tail. He wore his Mickey Mouse spats from last year as his bird talons.
Super America got his face painted with an S and an A for Super America. We entered all three in a local costume contest, and Little Elvis won 2nd place! Lots of people helped him win, and we really appreciate all your votes!
I think it looks like Baby Plum is pecking his candy in this picture.
This is what happens when you give Cheese Puff one of those mini 3 Musketeers. I don't believe any of it made it into his little body.
This was Red Ribbon Week at Little Elvis' school. He wore all sorts of different outfits to school this week. On Halloween Day he was supposed to wear cowboy gear for a Barn Dance. Since Little Elvis got to wear a hat, Baby Plum had to wear one, too. I couldn't get him in the picture, but Cheese Puff was wearing a construction hat.
He took it off for his close-up.
Baby Plum picked up a guitar to complete his western ensemble.
Little Elvis dancing during his Barn Dance. He fussed about it all week, but had a blast. I took Baby Plum and Cheese Puff to a costume event before the Barn Dance, so Zazu and Cookie Monster went to the Barn Dance. We all got to get on the floor and dance the last two dances. It was fun.
A week of fun was a little too much for Baby Plum. He told me that 3 of his classmates were out sick on Friday. That afternoon he ran a fever and said his eyes itched. He couldn't finish his lunch. Instead, he fell asleep standing up.
Cheese Puff showing me that Baby Plum was asleep. This evening, Baby Plum's eyes got goopy. He's got a really raw throat, but no strep, and pink eye. Cheese Puff gnawed on one of those crusts and then stuck it in my mouth yesterday. I've decided to quarantine us for the rest of the weekend.