Thursday, November 21, 2013

Huggy huggy kiss wiper

This baby. That baby. My baby. Cheese Puff is a silly, silly little boy. And I often find myself calling him "this baby" or "that baby," but he's my baby. I tell him that all of the time. He seems fine with it, unless he's kidding with me. And this baby? He likes to kid.

He also likes to hit. Sometimes it's because he's mad at his brothers. Other times it's because he wants to play. He likes to play "hit" and then say "Huggy, huggy!" when we scold him. That saying is all him I think. He's very aware of how cute he is, and he knows how to work the cuteness factor in his favor.

Sometimes he'll just want a hug, and will say "Huggy, huggy!" without hitting first. I like those times.

He's also a kiss wiper-offer. He loves to lean in for kisses, and then wipe them off after you give him one. If you don't play, he'll kiss you and wipe off his mouth or tongue. He loves both sides of the game. Sometimes we'll wipe off his kisses, and he has a blast with it. He thinks it's hilarious.
While he never seemed as sick as Baby Plum the other week, he must have been a little under the weather. The day that we finally took Baby Plum back to school, this is what happened at 9 a.m. I went to take a shower, and found him sleeping sitting up. I had planned for us to run errands, but ended up mopping and sweeping the entire house instead.
Never one to give up a chance for cuddle time without pokes or prods, Wally was glad to keep Cheese Puff company during his nap. The cats try to stay away from the boys, unless it's naptime. I don't blame them.

We haven't had any more early naps, and I'm glad. I think my boys are mostly healthy now.