Friday, November 15, 2013

Silver Linings

It's been a crazy week here. We're not a busy family. But this week, we seriously had something planned for every evening.

The highlight was Wednesday night when the boys joined their daddy on stage for a staff talent show. He decided to bring in the "awe" factor, which he did. They didn't win, but I bet they came close. They were certainly the cutest performers.
They were very excited beforehand.
Luckily, most of the performances were musical. They were pretty good at waiting for their chance to get on the stage.
They didn't have to wait too long for Daddy to get on stage.
But they did have to sit through one song before they made their debut.
Once they got on stage, all of the "awes" began. Please forgive my shoddy photography. I was holding the camcorder with my right and the still camera with my left. I am not ambidextrous. I was kind of amazed that I was able to do that.

Little Elvis has gotten really good at wiggling! Baby Plum knows all the steps and practiced several nights ahead of the show in anticipation of the big event. Cheese Puff was just glad to get up on stage and spin like a tornado. He was also very willing to practice beforehand. Little Elvis was not.
Here are some better pictures taken by someone who must have been holding the camera with their dominant hand.
Thunder and lightning!
I'm going to say he's doing the wind. He had to bring Doggy with him. Doggy is becoming as constant a companion as the paci.
Definitely the wind here. This baby was beyond excited about this. He cried when it was over, because he wanted to do another song. He was so happy to be onstage with his daddy.
I think they had a fun week, but I'm glad that all of the busy-ness is over. I hope next week is calmer for us. I lost my voice last night, and would like to have it back.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love it! It was absolutely impossible not to break into the biggest smile ever while watching! Totally impressed with your camera skills, too!

11:52 AM  

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