Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for funny, mischievous boys

Sweet, funny boys. We're very thankful for them. They are healthy. They are happy. They are doing well. We are very grateful for them. We have friends who are experiencing some issues right now, and it puts my little complaints into perspective about our boys.
They had a nice Thanksgiving, and they behaved very well. I was very proud of them.
As a reward for eating something moderately healthy earlier this week, I promised to make them a Turkey Cake for Thanksgiving. Little Elvis, one of the loudest proponents of this thing didn't even eat any. When presented with salty or sweet, he will usually choose salty. He seriously said, "Why aren't we having French fries? They are my favorite Thanksgiving food. Why didn't the Indians eat French fries? Why'd they have to eat turkey?" It was too hard to explain that they didn't have Fry Daddies back then, so I just said because.

We're getting towards the end of the year, so I thought I'd write about funny stories from earlier this year.

This spring, Bob had a night class during some of Little Elvis' baseball games. Taking all three to the field and battling two while trying to watch another and keep him from getting discouraged wasn't fun. So, I asked my grandmother to keep Cheese Puff. Once Baby Plum learned that Cheese Puff got to stay with Granny, he wanted to as well.

Little Elvis finished the game, and we headed to pick up his brothers. But no one came to the door when we knocked or rang the bell. When I called her landline, it was busy. When I called her cell phone, there was no answer. I was starting to worry, when she finally came to the door.

Apparently, one of mine had messed up her TV in the living room, so they were in her bedroom watching TV. I told her that her phone was off the hook, but she said it wasn't.

I fixed her TV, and while packing up the boys, my dad called. He wanted to know if Granny was ok. Her medic alert button had been pushed and her phone was busy. I told him she was fine and told her again that her phone was off the hook. She said it wasn't.

But she realized that in the move to her bedroom, one of the boys must have pushed the emergency button. We laughed, and I was glad that we'd told them not to send the ambulance in time.

We said our goodbyes, and as I was loading us into the car, an ambulance drives up. Seriously, right as I was telling Baby Plum what would happen if he pushed that button.

I told the drivers she was fine, and one of my boys pushed the button by accident. We tried to knock on the door and ring the doorbell, but she must have headed to the back of the house again. She wouldn't come. The EMTs left after I assured them she was fine.

It was a mess. I felt very, very bad. It took them less than an hour to mess up her TV, take her phone off the hook and push the emergency button.
But look how sweet they usually are. Cheese Puff likes to climb into the ottoman just like Little Elvis did.
How could this sweet little boy get into so much mischief?

My poor grandmother. They are little handfuls, but she seems to really enjoy them anyway.
These pictures were taken one random morning last week before school. They all got up, ate, brushed teeth and were dressed in record time. On those mornings, we get to play before heading out to school. And that random morning, they were all doing something different, instead of fighting with each other. It was so nice that I had to document it.

Very thankful for them, mischief and all.


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Nice job with the Turkey Cake.
Grandpa Stew

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