Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This was our winning Christmas card shot -- the very first one we took.

Hope everyone has a super merry Christmas, and that there's still room in your house after all of the toys are opened!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sockem Siblings

Look at this sweet face!
He would never hit his brother!
Neither would this sweet boy.
Only when it's grandparent-sanctioned. My mom bought them a Rockem-Sockem set. Maybe we can get them to settle future fights in the ring?

More Cheese Puff

Sweet little Cheese Puff is still our big music fan. He sings with the radio all of the time. (Mommy mainly listens to pop music. His version of Royals is super-super cute.)
Daddy was playing the guitar the other day, and he had to join in.
We finally trimmed his hair some the other day. It's not going to be as curly as his brothers', and it was getting super-knotty.
He likes to help us put away dishes. He loves to put his cups and bowls in the sink. Sometimes he doesn't even have to use them first.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coachpa and Cheese Puff

Cheese Puff loves his Coachpa. They are big buddies. He calls Coachpa "Poopah." And asks about Poopah everyday. Mainly, are we going to see Poopah? He's figured out the route to Gram and Coachpa's house, and gets very excited when we head in that direction. Also, if we make a trip to their house one time after dropping off his older brothers at school, he expects us to do it everytime. At least that was the case last week....

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas wishes

The boys have been kind of funny about Christmas this year. And my whole buy super early deal has come back to bite me a bit. But their wants are sweet.
Little bitty pouty boy wants to watch Mickey Mouse all of the time. Mickey isn't always on when we have the TV on. This is a hard concept for an almost 22 month old to understand. So, he's "asking" for a Mickey Mouse DVD. He also LOVES "The Monster at the End of this Book." They have a sequel. Santa's offering surprises for each boy this year. Cheese Puff's getting the Monster at the end of the book sequel.
This boy wants a lot of stuff. And he's suddenly changed his big request from Disney Infinity to Battleship. I'm thrilled about the board game. I'm frustrated that it wasn't on my list, and it's now the only thing he talks about. Santa's got some surprises for him. One might be that he doesn't have Battleship. But Santa found a Pixar like light. It needs some cleaning, but he'll have his own Pixar light. And he used to say he wanted a Pixar party for his next birthday. We can't invite kids over to watch a whole movie. Santa got him a Pixar shorts DVD. That way they can watch a couple of shorts, plus Super America 2(!) and then play.
This baby was in many ways the easiest. He wants peanut butter and jelly for Christmas. That is really what he wants. Santa got him a jar of the mixed pb&j. He is truly the opposite of his older brother, who wants everything that isn't girly. Baby Plum is content.  Poor little guy can't just get peanut butter and jelly . Santa decided to get him lots of Sandra Boynton books and a doctor kit.

Hopefully they will have a happy Christmas. Santa's going to search for a good deal on Battleship now...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas card outtakes.

We ended up with one ok Christmas photo, and lots of outtakes. Some were pretty funny.
What are they doing? No doubt I'm trying to coach them to do something... maybe the discount double check?
Getting your picture taken is hard work. Cheese Puff had to take a break.
We thought we'd try a picture with them all sitting on the floor while I read to Cheese Puff. Go Dog Go calmed him down for a bit.
But he was more interested in looking at the book than at the camera.
Maybe he's saying cheese?
Baby Plum doing a semi-version of his Robert DeNiro.
The boys with Santa. Cheese Puff was not going near that man.
Give them chicken, and they are happy.
Even this one calmed down for a bit.
They love Chicken Minis.
Another attempt at brotherly love. We tried to get Little Elvis and Baby Plum to hold onto Cheese Puff. Cheese Puff was not happy about that. It's understandable.
Little Elvis was definitely into choking his brothers this year.
He was definitely the easiest to get a good picture of this year.
One more picture with Coachpa. My dad's growing a hunting beard. I should have asked him to wear a red shirt. Cheese Puff might have gone for that... maybe. My dad was Santa for a local store when I was small, and I remember understanding that he was my dad, but absolutely refusing to go see him.
 One final shot. We thought it might work if Cheese Puff rode Little Elvis' back. It did not.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Different perspectives

Taking pictures should be fun. And for two of our little boys, it usually is.
They are game to have their smiles snapped, and except for Baby Plum often looking to see what his brothers are doing, they usually smile at the camera.
Not this one. Sometimes he loves to have his picture taken. But apparently if you dress him in cute Christmas clothes and try to surround him with his brothers, he gets fed up with the whole process.

It is a great pout, though. He can really get that little lip out there.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Little Elvis, meet Big Elvis

Sometimes I end up with the strangest things. Baby Plum and I found a big cardboard 70s fantastic Elvis by the trash can across the street. Our neighbors were moving, and their teenage daughter must not have wanted the big Elvis. We got it! I thought it would be perfect for my Little Elvis.
Here, my Little Elvis poses with Big Elvis. He did a rock star pose, and was wearing his rock star shirt.
Baby Plum had to pose with his big brother, especially since he helped me rescue the more than 6 foot tall cardboard cutout of Elvis.
Then he needed to do his own rockstar pose.

I have another super cute picture of my big Little Elvis, but for some reason it won't upload.

Last Sunday, our family was supposed to read during a Sunday night service at church. I asked the secretary if it would be alright if Little Elvis read it for us. She said that was fine. The Children's Minister said it was too long for him. She obviously doesn't know our son, and his desire to perform for crowds, and not share the spotlight. (His blog nickname is very fitting.)

We had the longest part. It was several paragraphs with words like Lebanon, righteousness, ascension, etc. We practiced at home. Whenever he got tired of reading, I would offer to finish, and he would immediately start reading.

As we got ready for our big speaking part that night, he informed me that the screen did not need to say "The Presley Family," it should just say Little Elvis, because he was doing the reading.

We got up there, and he started reading. He stood on a little step stool, and read. He did an excellent job. He read with inflection. He enunciated. He got applause when he was finished. I can guarantee you that Bob and I wouldn't have gotten any applause.

After the service, lots of people came up to tell him (and us) how smart he was. They all asked his age and couldn't believe he was just 6. He told them his teacher taught him to read so well. He was so proud. I was a little worried that it would seem that we were showing off, but there was no way Little Elvis was going to share the spotlight.

He is our rock star.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas cards! (shakes fist)

Christmas cards are killing us! Not because I don't like the sentiment. No, because getting all 3 boys to willingly look at a camera at the same time without crying, and to keep at least one camera working during that whole bit of craziness is proving almost impossible.

We've tried several times. On Saturday, my mom took these at her house with her cell phone. That was after we dressed the boys up in an attempt to take their picture with Santa. Both cameras died (our fault there) and Cheese Puff refused to go near that strange happy man with the real beard.
Here they are with Little Elvis seeming to choke Cheese Puff. He wasn't, but he felt the need to hold onto that baby.
 Little Elvis continues to grab his baby brother by the neck while Baby Plum decides to leave. Little Elvis wasn't holding onto his neck, so why should he stay.
 My father wanted a picture for his Facebook account. Baby Plum never seems to look at the camera with a shot of all 3 boys. Little Elvis looks pained, and Cheese Puff is at least not crying.
 There's a real, happy smile. He looks so much older with his big boy teeth in front.
Baby Plum still isn't looking at the camera, but he looks pretty sweet here anyway.
Where's the Cheese Puff solo picture? Wasn't going to happen. This baby has decided that group shots when dressed up in cute Christmas-y outfits are not for him. We got some great pouting and crying shots, though. He can really get that little lip out there!
Bob thinks we might have one decent shot on our camera. Now I just have to get those pictures onto the computer....

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Mommy lunchtime fail

This happened earlier this year, and I think it's hilarious. I just never posted about it.

Little Elvis typically takes what I call supper or lunch muffins to school. I make them for him on Sundays. I try to find recipes that have at least one veggie and one fruit, and then try to use wheat flour. Usually, they have pumpkin. Little Elvis fusses about my carrot muffins. Don't think these are the super-healthiest things. They do have sugar. But it's an easy way to get a vegetable into that little boy.

But we get tired of the muffins. So, every once in a while we try to mix it up.

In September, we decided to try pancakes. Little Elvis loves pancakes, and he will eat hummus pancakes or potato pancakes. I found a recipe that had wheat flour, bacon and corn. We knew he'd love them. We talked them up. He was excited. Bob even found a little syrup container.

That morning, I packed Little Elvis' lunch, and then went about my morning. We eat early around here, so at 11, I reached into the fridge to pull out leftovers. We'd had Mexican food the night before, and I couldn't find the refried beans. I found Little Elvis' pancakes instead. They were in the same type of plastic container.  I sent my first grader to school with cold refried beans and syrup for lunch.

I grabbed the pancakes and Baby Plum and Cheese Puff and headed to the school. Little Elvis eats lunch at noon, so I figured we'd be fine.

The guy at the desk called his teacher and she came down to get the pancakes. She said she was confused when he pulled out the refried beans. She thought maybe I'd just forgotten to cook the pancakes that morning.

Little Elvis was so excited about the pancakes that he'd told his whole class about them, and he decided to eat them for his snack. When he opened the container, he found mushy refried beans.

He's resourceful, so he just ate the container of pancake syrup for his snack.

Little Elvis seemed to think it was funny when he got home, but he asked me to never pack him refried beans for lunch again.

And the pancakes? Not very good. He didn't really like them, and we didn't either. Guess we'll stick with pumpkin muffins for the time being.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving boy

Baby Plum's last day of pre-school before Thanksgiving break was cancelled because of flooding. His class missed a planned Thanksgiving party where he was going to get to wear his Indian hat and sit in a teepee! And he even promised to eat the green beans we sent for the Thanksgiving feast. He was very, very excited.

But, as is usual with him, he was ok missing that day. We were heading out to Memphis that afternoon, and he was plenty excited about that.

He brought all of his Thanksgiving stuff home today. He's always so excited to show off everything in his folder, even the monthly calendar. He brought home a Thankful placemat. He's thankful for Mama and Daddy, Cheese Puff, Little Elvis and himself. I believe Little Elvis was thankful for his "hundreds of toys cars" and buildings.

Baby Plum also did the coloring on his little hat and strung together the noodle necklace. He only modeled them for the picture, but he's proud of them.

He's such a sweet boy. He's got a buddy. He calls him his buddy. His buddy was out sick for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Every day Baby Plum would get in the car and tell me that his buddy wasn't there. He would say he missed his buddy, and hoped his buddy would be there next time.

He loves to tell me about school. His buddy was there. He played with his buddy. It was a little girl's birthday, and she had chocolate cupcakes with blue icing. Another little girl didn't have a good day, because another little boy hit her. That's not nice, and Baby Plum promised that he wouldn't hit anyone else.

Now that he's talking so much more, he has lots of stuff to say. He's funny when talking with Little Elvis, and he's funny when trying to teach things to Cheese Puff.

Baby Plum takes his big brother role very seriously... sometimes. He looks out for Cheese Puff. Cheese Puff loves to throw his pacifier into some dirty places. Last week, Cheese Puff was screaming and I ran out to see what Baby Plum had done. Baby Plum was almost in tears. He had rescued a dirty pacifier from the fireplace and was washing it in the bathroom sink. He was being a caring big brother. (He's also one to get frustrated with Cheese Puff's physicality and hit back, but usually he's pretty sweet.)

He's getting very interested in learning how to read. He knows his letters very well, and most of the sounds they make. We just haven't crossed to where he can make that connection while looking at words. He loves Sandra Boynton books and likes to "read" them to Cheese Puff. He also reads "Go Dog Go!" to Cheese Puff when Cheese Puff lets him.

We passed an OPEN sign while driving today, and he called out the letters and asked me what they spelled. Little Elvis started reading with signs as well.

He knows how to spell his name, Little Elvis' name and Cheese Puff's name. He also knows how to write his name. We're working on holding the pencil better, but he can do it.

And, I've somehow managed to teach him some subtraction. We count down the minutes until pre-school starts on the days he goes. Each minute, I'll ask him how many minutes are left. He'll go, "Seven. Five. Six. That means four minutes left!" So, he knows subtraction, but only in that instance. If I ask him what ten minus six is, he smiles and picks any number that sounds good.

Due to his love of puzzles, and his adoration of his daddy, I'm thinking he will be our math and science boy.