Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas card outtakes.

We ended up with one ok Christmas photo, and lots of outtakes. Some were pretty funny.
What are they doing? No doubt I'm trying to coach them to do something... maybe the discount double check?
Getting your picture taken is hard work. Cheese Puff had to take a break.
We thought we'd try a picture with them all sitting on the floor while I read to Cheese Puff. Go Dog Go calmed him down for a bit.
But he was more interested in looking at the book than at the camera.
Maybe he's saying cheese?
Baby Plum doing a semi-version of his Robert DeNiro.
The boys with Santa. Cheese Puff was not going near that man.
Give them chicken, and they are happy.
Even this one calmed down for a bit.
They love Chicken Minis.
Another attempt at brotherly love. We tried to get Little Elvis and Baby Plum to hold onto Cheese Puff. Cheese Puff was not happy about that. It's understandable.
Little Elvis was definitely into choking his brothers this year.
He was definitely the easiest to get a good picture of this year.
One more picture with Coachpa. My dad's growing a hunting beard. I should have asked him to wear a red shirt. Cheese Puff might have gone for that... maybe. My dad was Santa for a local store when I was small, and I remember understanding that he was my dad, but absolutely refusing to go see him.
 One final shot. We thought it might work if Cheese Puff rode Little Elvis' back. It did not.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So fun! The back ride seems like such a clever idea! Maybe next year.

I think some year I'm going to be brave and do a Christmas card of just outtakes.

4:34 PM  
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