Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas cards! (shakes fist)

Christmas cards are killing us! Not because I don't like the sentiment. No, because getting all 3 boys to willingly look at a camera at the same time without crying, and to keep at least one camera working during that whole bit of craziness is proving almost impossible.

We've tried several times. On Saturday, my mom took these at her house with her cell phone. That was after we dressed the boys up in an attempt to take their picture with Santa. Both cameras died (our fault there) and Cheese Puff refused to go near that strange happy man with the real beard.
Here they are with Little Elvis seeming to choke Cheese Puff. He wasn't, but he felt the need to hold onto that baby.
 Little Elvis continues to grab his baby brother by the neck while Baby Plum decides to leave. Little Elvis wasn't holding onto his neck, so why should he stay.
 My father wanted a picture for his Facebook account. Baby Plum never seems to look at the camera with a shot of all 3 boys. Little Elvis looks pained, and Cheese Puff is at least not crying.
 There's a real, happy smile. He looks so much older with his big boy teeth in front.
Baby Plum still isn't looking at the camera, but he looks pretty sweet here anyway.
Where's the Cheese Puff solo picture? Wasn't going to happen. This baby has decided that group shots when dressed up in cute Christmas-y outfits are not for him. We got some great pouting and crying shots, though. He can really get that little lip out there!
Bob thinks we might have one decent shot on our camera. Now I just have to get those pictures onto the computer....


Blogger mpotter said...

i can only imagine!
the bean's at the age where she knows how to fake smile. so a lot lot lot of pictures look weird.

glad we aren't going for a holiday photo card this year!

good luck to you...

11:22 AM  

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