Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas wishes

The boys have been kind of funny about Christmas this year. And my whole buy super early deal has come back to bite me a bit. But their wants are sweet.
Little bitty pouty boy wants to watch Mickey Mouse all of the time. Mickey isn't always on when we have the TV on. This is a hard concept for an almost 22 month old to understand. So, he's "asking" for a Mickey Mouse DVD. He also LOVES "The Monster at the End of this Book." They have a sequel. Santa's offering surprises for each boy this year. Cheese Puff's getting the Monster at the end of the book sequel.
This boy wants a lot of stuff. And he's suddenly changed his big request from Disney Infinity to Battleship. I'm thrilled about the board game. I'm frustrated that it wasn't on my list, and it's now the only thing he talks about. Santa's got some surprises for him. One might be that he doesn't have Battleship. But Santa found a Pixar like light. It needs some cleaning, but he'll have his own Pixar light. And he used to say he wanted a Pixar party for his next birthday. We can't invite kids over to watch a whole movie. Santa got him a Pixar shorts DVD. That way they can watch a couple of shorts, plus Super America 2(!) and then play.
This baby was in many ways the easiest. He wants peanut butter and jelly for Christmas. That is really what he wants. Santa got him a jar of the mixed pb&j. He is truly the opposite of his older brother, who wants everything that isn't girly. Baby Plum is content.  Poor little guy can't just get peanut butter and jelly . Santa decided to get him lots of Sandra Boynton books and a doctor kit.

Hopefully they will have a happy Christmas. Santa's going to search for a good deal on Battleship now...


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

PB&J! So sweet! The doctor kit is always a big hit around our house, hopefully BP will love it, too.

8:17 AM  

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