Monday, December 02, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving boy

Baby Plum's last day of pre-school before Thanksgiving break was cancelled because of flooding. His class missed a planned Thanksgiving party where he was going to get to wear his Indian hat and sit in a teepee! And he even promised to eat the green beans we sent for the Thanksgiving feast. He was very, very excited.

But, as is usual with him, he was ok missing that day. We were heading out to Memphis that afternoon, and he was plenty excited about that.

He brought all of his Thanksgiving stuff home today. He's always so excited to show off everything in his folder, even the monthly calendar. He brought home a Thankful placemat. He's thankful for Mama and Daddy, Cheese Puff, Little Elvis and himself. I believe Little Elvis was thankful for his "hundreds of toys cars" and buildings.

Baby Plum also did the coloring on his little hat and strung together the noodle necklace. He only modeled them for the picture, but he's proud of them.

He's such a sweet boy. He's got a buddy. He calls him his buddy. His buddy was out sick for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. Every day Baby Plum would get in the car and tell me that his buddy wasn't there. He would say he missed his buddy, and hoped his buddy would be there next time.

He loves to tell me about school. His buddy was there. He played with his buddy. It was a little girl's birthday, and she had chocolate cupcakes with blue icing. Another little girl didn't have a good day, because another little boy hit her. That's not nice, and Baby Plum promised that he wouldn't hit anyone else.

Now that he's talking so much more, he has lots of stuff to say. He's funny when talking with Little Elvis, and he's funny when trying to teach things to Cheese Puff.

Baby Plum takes his big brother role very seriously... sometimes. He looks out for Cheese Puff. Cheese Puff loves to throw his pacifier into some dirty places. Last week, Cheese Puff was screaming and I ran out to see what Baby Plum had done. Baby Plum was almost in tears. He had rescued a dirty pacifier from the fireplace and was washing it in the bathroom sink. He was being a caring big brother. (He's also one to get frustrated with Cheese Puff's physicality and hit back, but usually he's pretty sweet.)

He's getting very interested in learning how to read. He knows his letters very well, and most of the sounds they make. We just haven't crossed to where he can make that connection while looking at words. He loves Sandra Boynton books and likes to "read" them to Cheese Puff. He also reads "Go Dog Go!" to Cheese Puff when Cheese Puff lets him.

We passed an OPEN sign while driving today, and he called out the letters and asked me what they spelled. Little Elvis started reading with signs as well.

He knows how to spell his name, Little Elvis' name and Cheese Puff's name. He also knows how to write his name. We're working on holding the pencil better, but he can do it.

And, I've somehow managed to teach him some subtraction. We count down the minutes until pre-school starts on the days he goes. Each minute, I'll ask him how many minutes are left. He'll go, "Seven. Five. Six. That means four minutes left!" So, he knows subtraction, but only in that instance. If I ask him what ten minus six is, he smiles and picks any number that sounds good.

Due to his love of puzzles, and his adoration of his daddy, I'm thinking he will be our math and science boy.


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