Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mittens and hats!

Thank goodness we live in the south, where it doesn't get super cold too often.
Because this is what happens when Cheese Puff is forced to wear his hat and mittens. He also has the mittens off before we're out of the driveway. The hat takes a little longer, and he gets stuck and even more upset. Baby Plum ends up helping him out of the hat before we're out of the neighborhood.
At least Baby Plum has come around on the whole mitten/hat thing. He didn't like them when he was little, either.

Captain Underpants in the winter

Little Elvis is very into Captain Underpants books these days. He has 10 books, and loves to read them. I'm ok with this. I'm not thrilled with all of the new ways he's learning to say poopie, but I loved series books growing up. Although it's a far cry from The Babysitters' Club, I feel it's a connection for us.

He's been content to just read the books, until recently. It's been in the teens here temperature-wise, and Little Elvis has decided this is the time to start dressing like Captain Underpants. This guy wears just his skivvies and a cape.

Baby Plum came running out of their bedroom on Monday night in nothing but his underwear and Little Elvis' blanket. He wanted me to tie the big blanket around his neck, because Little Elvis was wearing his cape. It was too cold to just sleep in undies. He needed to wear PJs.

I managed to convince them both that in the winter Captain Underpants wore his underwear OVER his pajamas at bedtime. That came about after my failed attempt to convince Little Elvis that long johns were the winter version of underwear.
Here are my two Captain Underpants the following morning. Baby Plum decided to wear the Super America costume with his superhero cape that I made him when he was 2, and some undies. Little Elvis agreed to put on the long johns, but had to put undies on top of them. He also decided to stay in Baby Plum's superhero cape. No socks, though. They won't sleep in socks. 

Baby Plum wore his cape and the Super America costume to speech. I made him take off the undies.
This little guy slept through all of the craziness, and stayed in his Buzz pjs.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Show and tell!

Baby Plum had his first show-and-tell on Friday. He decided to take his trusty electric guitar.
Here he is showing it off at home before we headed to school. He was very excited to show it off, and said his friends liked it. No one else brought an electric guitar, although one little girl did bring an xylophone. His best friends brought a Fireman Bob doll and 3 trucks. I love that he tells me so much about school!
When I take a picture of one brother, the others need their picture made as well. I guess Bob took Little Elvis to school on Friday, because I only took pictures of Baby Plum and Cheese Puff.

Baby Plum gave me the silent treatment on the way home from school on Monday. Why? Cheese Puff stayed with Coachpa while I went to a meeting. Baby Plum didn't get to miss school so he could stay with Coachpa, and he was mad at me. He pouted for several blocks and would only shake or nod his head. That's not cool when I need to look in front of me to drive. He forgave me pretty quickly, but this lovely little trait is all me. Little Elvis doesn't do the silent treatment, so this was my first experience with it. Glad it didn't last long.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Building forts and camping/hunting

The older boys "built" a fort the other day during naptime. By they built, I mean Bob built. Little Elvis is not much for doing things himself. But he's getting there. He's been building a different type of fort this week, and he's been doing it all by himself. I need to get a picture.
 They were looking out for something. Wally had been their lookout, but he got tired of their game.
 Baby Plum getting ready to hunt and camp. How do you hunt and camp? You put a bunch of big plastic or wooden spoons in your backpack, along with a couple of basting brushes.
Then you go into the living room, take each spoon out of the bag one at a time, and scoop with each spoon. Pass the spoons to Cheese Puff so he can scoop, too. Then get out the brushes last and brush with them. That's it. That's how you hunt and camp.
He is really getting into the whole backpack thing. This week he didn't want to play outside without a backpack stuffed with supplies.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Funny Cheese Puff

Cheese Puff has been funny this week.
Here he is doing his impression of Mommy, snuggled in a chair in front of the heater covered by a blanket. I don't function very well in the cold. No wonder Bob laughed when I told him I wanted to live in New York some day. Too cold up there for me.
Same day, later in the morning. Cheese Puff found our Cars 2 atlas, and demanded that I read it to him.
"Read this!"
After his most recent haircut. I not only chopped the front and the back, I also shaped it a little bit. It's much more of a little boy cut. His hair's not really curly, so it needed to be cut.

Today, while helping out at church, he put a bunch of marbles in the CD or DVD drive of the secretary's computer. That was after he found the power strip and turned all the copiers and big things off. I stopped him front putting a sticker in another computer drive, and putting a pencil in some part of a copier. I told him we wouldn't be invited back.

We had friends over yesterday, and he acted like a real entertainer. He brought them random toys and chattered at them. He was being very gracious.

Monday, January 20, 2014


We officially have 3 chatterboxes. Little Elvis has been talking nonstop for a long time now.  People told us that once he started talking, he wouldn't stop. They were right. He has a hard time stopping once he starts.

Current favorite saying: "What did Universal Studios logo look like when you were little? They changed the way Disney was written, see? Did you like Golden Books better when they were Golden Books Publishing or Golden Publishing? Which do you like better, yellow Minions or purple Minions?" Yeah. I'm learning a whole lot.

Baby Plum's usually our strong, silent one. But as he's getting more confident in his speech, he's getting lots more talkative, especially when Little Elvis isn't around and Cheese Puff is sleeping. When I pick him up from school, he's usually pretty happy to get into the car and chatter about what he did.

Current favorite saying: "Baba go!" This is a baby saying from a book we have, and it makes Little Elvis very angry. So, Baby Plum likes to chant this at bedtime.

Something he said the other day to me in the car when asked if they talked about the colors purple and white in school (the colors of the month) that day, "I talked about green and blue."

Cheese Puff? He likes to talk, too. He wants to do his talking with a paci in his mouth, though. I've been sneaking it away from him during the day, and if he doesn't see it, then he doesn't miss it. It's much easier to understand him when his mouth is empty.

His current favorite saying" "I would like..." It sounds like, "I boo wike..." and "Bop it!" As in, "Bop, it Mommy!" when I'm singing along with the radio. "Bop it Little Elvis!" when Little Elvis gets on his nerves. It's his version of stop it, and we think it's really cute.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gearing up for a big debut!

We finished Little Elvis' sequel to his movie over the Christmas break. He wanted to go all out with this one.

This movie is more than twice the length of Super America Saves the World! It's 2 minutes and 25 seconds.

A neighbor friend of his cameo-ed in the movie, because he needed a reporter for two scenes.

That's not all. We had to design production company logos for his two production companies that made this movie. Because I guess he's figured out that it takes at least two production companies to make a real movie.

We even did voice-overs and sound effects!

But that's not all. We also had to do a director's commentary for the bonus features on the DVD.

And, we had to do a commercial for his movie. Yes. We did.

He wrote it all by himself, and Bob voiced it, because Bob has a good voice over voice.

We'll debut the actual movie on his birthday, but we need to put the promo up before.

Feel free to comment about it. He loves to hear how much people love his work. Really. He loves it.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Smart and stylish

Little Elvis now looks "smart and stylish" thanks to his new glasses! He came up with the adjectives. When we first mentioned that he would need glasses, he was very upset. But his attitude changed, and he decided that glasses would make him smart and stylish. He might have also said savvy. I'm not positive.

But he was very excited at the eye doctor appointment... which I didn't enjoy very much. The first guy that looked at his eyes with the machines was not exactly kid-friendly. He wasn't really adult friendly either. The actual eye doctor wasn't much better. She berated him for not knowing that there was an "R" there instead of a "P." He couldn't see it, he knows what an "R" looks like. Then she said he had an astigmatism. He had no idea what that word meant, but immediately decided it was like a decapitation and started crying. I told him to stop, and he did. She then said that word again, and he started crying again. We finally make it out to the reception area, and he tells the secretary he's excited to wear his glasses. She said, "Why? Why would you want glasses?" in a negative tone. He picks up on that. I told her that he was excited, and we'd just let him decide for himself if they were bad. He's now got his whole life to deal with bad eyesight, glasses and contacts. It sucks. Let him enjoy the excitement of new glasses and a completely new look.

We won't be going back there.

Also, the TV was on there. No one else pays attention to those awful commercials in the middle of the day by medical malpractice lawyers. I had to field questions about Zoloft, transvaginal mesh and Relion lawyers. Bob was glad he wasn't there.

We had to order the glasses, and they arrived this afternoon. He didn't tell his classmates, so he's excited to debut a brand new look tomorrow. He says they won't even recognize him.

My dad asked how long until he lost them. I'm hoping we make it through tomorrow.

Monday, January 06, 2014

The break is almost over

Tomorrow, Little Elvis goes back to school. He's ready. Baby Plum has to wait until Wednesday. He's sad about that. At least he has speech tomorrow morning. I've been super testy the past couple of days, but I will miss them I think. Little Elvis is still pitching fits over absolutely nothing, and Baby Plum has started to try that little tactic out. The fits have to stop. I know they will. I know they will...
Still, they've had fun. Here the older two are modeling some Christmas presents.
Cheese Puff refuses to wear hats and mittens (without LOTS of struggles) so he's holding his up for the camera.
Little Elvis got lots of books for Christmas. At supper the other night he was reading two of them. Bob said I should title the post "Voracious Reader (and Eater)." He is starting to eat a whole lot more. He's currently one of the smallest in his class, so I'm thinking this huge new appetite will help him catch up. He's about to undergo some big new changes looks-wise, but I'll write about that later. Ah, the fun of having parents with poor eyesight! We knew it was coming, but I'm kind of shocked that it's this early.
This little guy was sick some last weekend, so he's not eating as much as usual. He's not sick anymore, but it's taking his taste buds a while to warm back up to their old favorites. He never asks for peanut butter and jelly anymore, but he is eating cottage cheese again. And I forced an orange on him this morning.

Saturday, January 04, 2014


We've been working on a few projects around the house. Little Elvis and Cheese Puff needed new dressers. They've been using those cheap cardboard things that come with cribs. Cheese Puff still is, but Little Elvis has moved up to a big boy high boy!
I got it at a furniture auction after Thanksgiving. It's German, and very sturdy. It was a crazy painted veneer, but the construction is wood. I've gotten more comfortable with veneer, but Little Elvis wanted it red. That's way easier than trying to patch and stain.
I sanded it and put 2 coats of red paint on it. You can see some of the fake wood grain through the red, but Bob and my dad liked that. It was freezing and damp outside, so I was fine with stopping at 2 coats. I coated it with polyurethane to make it shiny.
I left the handles the same. Little Elvis is thrilled and I'm pretty happy with it, too.

Bob's also been working on projects. We still have lots of wood left over from the shed/playhouse. We've used some. He's made shelves, backs for picture frames, a shoe rack for the big boys, a Halloween sign, a glow-in-the-dark sign for the big boys' room, lots of Christmas coasters, and a DVD/game rack. The DVD rack was probably the hardest.
We tried to base it on a CD holder we got from IKEA years ago. I got the color for 25 cents at Lowe's a couple of weeks ago, and it works really well with the colors in the playroom
The boys now have very easy access, which is a bit of a problem with Cheese Puff. But he'll learn.

Bob says we still have tons of wood left. He really can't use his shed because of all of the spare wood. I will have to think up some more projects. We welcome suggestions!

Some Christmas pictures

We didn't take lots of pictures this Christmas, and several of the ones we took must have been on a crazy setting. The boys look like ghosts of themselves. Should remember to use that setting this Halloween. But I'm able to share some of them.
Baby Plum's still sucking his thumb... a lot. We put a surgical glove on his little hand and taped it with athletic tape. This one actually held for hours. He bit a hole in the thumb, but it still held. We'll need to do it again I guess. He was told not to suck his thumb yesterday, so he sucked his big toe for a bit. I'm pretty sure he was trying to be funny.
Little Elvis showing off a book he got from my aunt. He got the 3 disc Back to the Future trilogy from her, because I was convinced he'd love it. He liked the car in the first one (which I figured he would. Kind of forgot about the terrorists killing Doc Brown and the cussing and some other stuff.) He had issues following the second one. We didn't finish it. Oh well.
She got Baby Plum a fancy toy cell phone that they all like.
They loved their presents from my parents -- a bike for Little Elvis, flamingoes for the lawn for Baby Plum and rock star Elmo and computer for Cheese Puff. I found the rock star Elmo at the last baby sale. It works! The bike for Little Elvis is 20 inches! It looks so big, but he does a good job on it. He has problems getting off the bike, but we'll get there. We put the flamingoes on the balcony of the playhouse/shed. They love the location, and I'm so thrilled he didn't want them in the front yard.
Christmas morning at my other grandmother's. Little Elvis managed his fits for the most part, but all of the excitement (and his personal kryptonite) finally got to him and we went home with a screaming child. My aunt gave him money with 2 little transformers. Transformers have been his kryptonite since he was 4. Those have been taken away. He probably has other kryptonites, but transformers consistently bring out the fits.
Cheese Puff loves Minnie Mouse, but didn't have one. I told my aunt he'd like one. I meant a little one. He's a little overwhelmed by big Minnie. Baby Plum and I are trying to get him to like her a little more. Apparently my Minnie voice isn't very good.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Some of our Christmas break

We've been enjoying our Christmas break so far. And I've apparently taken a vacation from using technology. I didn't take many pictures, put them on the computer, or write much. Some catch up here.
Bob gets out for the holidays before the older boys, so I asked their teachers if Bob could come perform Christmas songs for their classes. He's done a version of this before at both schools. So, he got to perform for the whole first grade at Little Elvis' school, and both 3-year-old classes at Baby Plum's. I didn't take pictures at Little Elvis' school. But the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Baby Plum, our little musician, was so excited until we got there. He was super-shy at first. But finally got into it.
Here's one of his cool dance moves.
Cheese Puff was more than happy to party with the older kids.
I've got to figure out how to fix red-eyes on the new computer. Cheese Puff didn't have red eye in this one. Pure luck.
Since I didn't take pictures at Little Elvis' school, thought I'd include a picture of the night he got into their clothes hamper. It's a duck. We tell them to feed the duck. Little Elvis fed the duck a little boy that night. Bob picked him up duck and all and deposited him in the bed. We all thought it was hilarious.