Saturday, January 25, 2014

Building forts and camping/hunting

The older boys "built" a fort the other day during naptime. By they built, I mean Bob built. Little Elvis is not much for doing things himself. But he's getting there. He's been building a different type of fort this week, and he's been doing it all by himself. I need to get a picture.
 They were looking out for something. Wally had been their lookout, but he got tired of their game.
 Baby Plum getting ready to hunt and camp. How do you hunt and camp? You put a bunch of big plastic or wooden spoons in your backpack, along with a couple of basting brushes.
Then you go into the living room, take each spoon out of the bag one at a time, and scoop with each spoon. Pass the spoons to Cheese Puff so he can scoop, too. Then get out the brushes last and brush with them. That's it. That's how you hunt and camp.
He is really getting into the whole backpack thing. This week he didn't want to play outside without a backpack stuffed with supplies.