Monday, January 20, 2014


We officially have 3 chatterboxes. Little Elvis has been talking nonstop for a long time now.  People told us that once he started talking, he wouldn't stop. They were right. He has a hard time stopping once he starts.

Current favorite saying: "What did Universal Studios logo look like when you were little? They changed the way Disney was written, see? Did you like Golden Books better when they were Golden Books Publishing or Golden Publishing? Which do you like better, yellow Minions or purple Minions?" Yeah. I'm learning a whole lot.

Baby Plum's usually our strong, silent one. But as he's getting more confident in his speech, he's getting lots more talkative, especially when Little Elvis isn't around and Cheese Puff is sleeping. When I pick him up from school, he's usually pretty happy to get into the car and chatter about what he did.

Current favorite saying: "Baba go!" This is a baby saying from a book we have, and it makes Little Elvis very angry. So, Baby Plum likes to chant this at bedtime.

Something he said the other day to me in the car when asked if they talked about the colors purple and white in school (the colors of the month) that day, "I talked about green and blue."

Cheese Puff? He likes to talk, too. He wants to do his talking with a paci in his mouth, though. I've been sneaking it away from him during the day, and if he doesn't see it, then he doesn't miss it. It's much easier to understand him when his mouth is empty.

His current favorite saying" "I would like..." It sounds like, "I boo wike..." and "Bop it!" As in, "Bop, it Mommy!" when I'm singing along with the radio. "Bop it Little Elvis!" when Little Elvis gets on his nerves. It's his version of stop it, and we think it's really cute.


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