Thursday, January 09, 2014

Smart and stylish

Little Elvis now looks "smart and stylish" thanks to his new glasses! He came up with the adjectives. When we first mentioned that he would need glasses, he was very upset. But his attitude changed, and he decided that glasses would make him smart and stylish. He might have also said savvy. I'm not positive.

But he was very excited at the eye doctor appointment... which I didn't enjoy very much. The first guy that looked at his eyes with the machines was not exactly kid-friendly. He wasn't really adult friendly either. The actual eye doctor wasn't much better. She berated him for not knowing that there was an "R" there instead of a "P." He couldn't see it, he knows what an "R" looks like. Then she said he had an astigmatism. He had no idea what that word meant, but immediately decided it was like a decapitation and started crying. I told him to stop, and he did. She then said that word again, and he started crying again. We finally make it out to the reception area, and he tells the secretary he's excited to wear his glasses. She said, "Why? Why would you want glasses?" in a negative tone. He picks up on that. I told her that he was excited, and we'd just let him decide for himself if they were bad. He's now got his whole life to deal with bad eyesight, glasses and contacts. It sucks. Let him enjoy the excitement of new glasses and a completely new look.

We won't be going back there.

Also, the TV was on there. No one else pays attention to those awful commercials in the middle of the day by medical malpractice lawyers. I had to field questions about Zoloft, transvaginal mesh and Relion lawyers. Bob was glad he wasn't there.

We had to order the glasses, and they arrived this afternoon. He didn't tell his classmates, so he's excited to debut a brand new look tomorrow. He says they won't even recognize him.

My dad asked how long until he lost them. I'm hoping we make it through tomorrow.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

He does looks super!

I wear glasses, and I love them. I proactively avoid wearing my contacts! They're fun because slipping on a pair is a little bit like slipping into a new identity....

Sounds like a crazy eye doctor... don't they want to make money? They sound be selling eye problems and glasses like they're the latest candy, right?

8:31 PM  

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