Thursday, January 02, 2014

Some of our Christmas break

We've been enjoying our Christmas break so far. And I've apparently taken a vacation from using technology. I didn't take many pictures, put them on the computer, or write much. Some catch up here.
Bob gets out for the holidays before the older boys, so I asked their teachers if Bob could come perform Christmas songs for their classes. He's done a version of this before at both schools. So, he got to perform for the whole first grade at Little Elvis' school, and both 3-year-old classes at Baby Plum's. I didn't take pictures at Little Elvis' school. But the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Baby Plum, our little musician, was so excited until we got there. He was super-shy at first. But finally got into it.
Here's one of his cool dance moves.
Cheese Puff was more than happy to party with the older kids.
I've got to figure out how to fix red-eyes on the new computer. Cheese Puff didn't have red eye in this one. Pure luck.
Since I didn't take pictures at Little Elvis' school, thought I'd include a picture of the night he got into their clothes hamper. It's a duck. We tell them to feed the duck. Little Elvis fed the duck a little boy that night. Bob picked him up duck and all and deposited him in the bed. We all thought it was hilarious.