Monday, January 06, 2014

The break is almost over

Tomorrow, Little Elvis goes back to school. He's ready. Baby Plum has to wait until Wednesday. He's sad about that. At least he has speech tomorrow morning. I've been super testy the past couple of days, but I will miss them I think. Little Elvis is still pitching fits over absolutely nothing, and Baby Plum has started to try that little tactic out. The fits have to stop. I know they will. I know they will...
Still, they've had fun. Here the older two are modeling some Christmas presents.
Cheese Puff refuses to wear hats and mittens (without LOTS of struggles) so he's holding his up for the camera.
Little Elvis got lots of books for Christmas. At supper the other night he was reading two of them. Bob said I should title the post "Voracious Reader (and Eater)." He is starting to eat a whole lot more. He's currently one of the smallest in his class, so I'm thinking this huge new appetite will help him catch up. He's about to undergo some big new changes looks-wise, but I'll write about that later. Ah, the fun of having parents with poor eyesight! We knew it was coming, but I'm kind of shocked that it's this early.
This little guy was sick some last weekend, so he's not eating as much as usual. He's not sick anymore, but it's taking his taste buds a while to warm back up to their old favorites. He never asks for peanut butter and jelly anymore, but he is eating cottage cheese again. And I forced an orange on him this morning.


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