Wednesday, February 26, 2014

50's night! (aka free food for costumes)

Last night our local ChickfilA had a 50s night. If you dressed up in 50s style, you could get free cookie sundaes. So, we didn't have white t-shirts. I decided that boys in the 50s wore plaid, because we had plaid shirts. Luckily, they all jeans for us to cuff and Converse type shoes. I also put gel in their hair for the first time ever, and slicked it to the side.
How do they look? The woman that gave us the sundaes approved. On the way there, they wanted to know what flavor their sundaes would be. They wanted to know if they had banana flavored sundaes.
While waiting for their sundaes, the two older boys danced with Elvis Cow. Cheese Puff was not a fan of the big cow with sunglasses, a pompadour and a cape. Not even the huge bass guitar helped.
Look at those sweet moves!
I didn't think about trying to teach them 50s style dances. Little Elvis likes to break out his trusty sprinkler dance step. Baby Plum actually knew a couple of 50s steps from our dancing game. He did the monkey and the swim for them.
Once the scary cow left, Cheese Puff decided to share his charm with the sweet 50s girl. They were dancing together like a little couple. It was very cute. Baby Plum likes to dance, but I think Cheese Puff may be our biggest dancer. This boy loves to groove.
I entered a hula hoop competition and won a free milkshake for hula hooping for 2 minutes! Bob took pictures. I deleted them. Still got lots of exercising to do. Enjoying a milkshake after just 2 minutes of moderate activity might not have been a good idea....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Our own Buzz and Woody (and a rocker!)

Thanks to various hand-me-downs we have matching Toy Story pjs. Cheese Puff is very close to outgrowing his, so I decided to go ahead and take a picture of our little Buzz and Woody.
Little Elvis has outgrown his Toy Story stuff, so he sleeps in rocker pjs now. He seems to like them just fine. Especially when I offer to take his picture right before bedtime.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheese Puff's 2!

Our sweet little baby celebrated his second birthday today! We had a small family party this evening, complete with pizza! cake! and m&m.'s!

After going without his beloved pizza or hotdog from Sam's, since we skipped our usual Friday night meal out, he was thrilled to eat some supreme pizza. This baby loves a slice heavy with veggies! He did endure a Mommy-made pizza this week with Little Elvis' preferred pesto sauce. He much preferred the Sam's version.

He dressed in his Mickey shirt for his party, and seemed to like his gifts. My parents got him Mickey gloves. Hopefully, he won't fuss at me nearly as much if he has to wear gloves anymore this season. It was 65 today. Maybe the groundhog was wrong this year! (Although, how can you not see your shadow when they have spotlights on you?)
 He also got a little Buzz action figure. My grandmother bought it for Little Elvis or Baby Plum, and forgot to give it to them. I had to convince her that he would love it. He did. They all did. It was the hit of the party!
"Buzz!" This one has a karate chop, which they don't have. We bought him a little shopping cart, which I wasn't sure if he liked. Baby Plum loved it, so I don't have a picture of Cheese Puff enjoying it. Baby Plum didn't want to share it.
Here he is pretending to want to blow out his candles. He was happy to sing happy birthday to himself, but he didn't want to get close to that hot fire. Baby Plum was happy to help him.
Cheese Puff preferred his Mickey Mouse mini-cupcake to an actual slice of cake, which was fine with me, since it was a little smaller. He only ate the m&ms and the icing. We got the ideas for these off of Pinterest, and Bob glued on the "buttons" last night. The m&ms are not brown. They are kind of maroon. I bought some Valentine's m&m's with dark red hoping they would work. I didn't want to buy several bags of m&ms to only dig out the brown ones. Cheese Puff didn't care. He liked the cherry flavored m&ms.

He ended the party by playing duck-duck-goose and hide-and-seek for everyone. They thought he was cute playing duck-duck-goose, too.

He decided to celebrate his big day by pitching some huge fits this morning while I was icing cupcakes (he sounded just like Little Elvis at one point!) and not napping. He was exhausted by the time his evening party rolled around. We tried to tire him out by taking the boys to a nearby park to ride bikes, play on the equipment and play soccer. Baby Plum's our big soccer fan, but Cheese Puff also likes to kick the ball a little. He kicks with his left foot, so we may have two lefties on our hands. He's a whole lot more like his biggest brother. He's temperamental and feisty. He's our toughest and roughest boy, which is funny, because he's also our smallest. He's a lot skinnier than either of his two brothers were at this age. Their hand-me-downs hang off of him if he's in disposable diapers. I overstuff our cloths, so his pants fit very well when he's wearing them.

He loves his Coachpa, but is also pretty willing to hug and visit other people. At Christmas, he just went up to one of my aunts and demanded to sit and snuggle with her. Tonight, he was happy to play and visit with my uncle. Granted this uncle is his Coachpa's twin.

He still loves to play with balls and be involved in any sort of sports activity we do, but he's also developed a love of cars. Thankfully, we have most of the ones from when Little Elvis was so into them. He has a garage playset and a gas station playset that he really enjoys. One big similarity with Baby Plum is that he can entertain himself. He will happily sit and play with his cars without adult interaction, which is nice.

He loves to sing, but when we tried to get him to sing at his party this evening, he really wouldn't. He's not our monkey. He won't perform just because we want him to. He was also overwhelmed. We will get video of him singing one of his favorite songs, we'll just have to be sneaky about it. He's got a sweet voice.

He likes the cats, but calls them both Wally. (woddy.)

He has a little doggy that he sleeps with during naptime and at bedtime. It's named Doggy. He also sleeps with a little fleece sleeping bag I made him last year and his blanket that one of Bob's students made when he was born. He woke up sweating last night, but refused to let me take either blanket away. Summertime might be a little difficult if that doesn't change.

He's still a big fan of "daddies," or pacifiers. He's starting to identify them by color, although he often calls the green one blue and the blue one green. Some days I'm successful in sneaking away a paci and keeping them out of his mouth for hours. Other days, he realizes what I've done immediately and goes searching. He likes to pull out his crib to search for them.

He loves to have all of his food served in bowls. We have plastic bowls within his reach. Oranges must go in them, raisins, just about anything except bananas and cheese sticks.

Cheese Puff goes to time out like "a man." (Little Elvis' phrase) He will quietly hold my hand down the hall and wait until I shut the door before crying.

He's possessive and easily jealous. He doesn't like to share anything, especially laps. He labels lots of things "mine" or "my." Sometimes it's sweet. Last week, while both of his brothers were in school, we talked about going to pick them up. He called them My Baby Plum and My Little Elvis.

They sometimes have the greatest time together. In the backseat of the car, they have started really cracking each other up. They just laugh and laugh. It's sweet.

We love our little Snuggle Puppy so much. He's grown so much! He looks like such a big boy now! And sometimes he even acts like a big boy.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our little Mickey

Cheese Puff will turn two on Saturday! Two. It's shocking how quickly he got here. And with his vocabulary and things he's learned from his brothers, he seems much more advanced than they were.

He love, love, loves duck, duck, goose. If it's just the two of us, he's still happy to play it -- we usually try to include one of the cats in those games. But he likes it better when we have at least 3 human players. He also likes Hide and Seek. He used to be great at being quiet while we hid, but here lately, he's decided to act like his brothers and announce his location the second the seeking begins. We need to get video of these games, because they are pretty funny.

He still loves Mickey Mouse, although Frosty the Snowman is currently his most requested song.

I got some video last week on my phone of him singing "Royals." He was belting it until I pointed my cell phone at him. I'll get better video of it, because it's super cute.

He can count up to about 15 I think. His versions of any number after ten are kind of hard to understand. All of hiding and seeking has really helped him with his numbers.

He speaks in some sentences. He hits his brothers a lot. He's pretty good about hugging them after and saying he's sorry. He loves bananas, cheese sticks, strawberries, anything with sweet potatoes, hot dogs and pizza. We still do our weekly trip to Sam's -- it's our "family date night." He usually gets a hotdog, but has been known to share a slice of supreme pizza with his daddy. For the past two weeks, he's crawled into my lap early in the morning demanding pizza and hotdog. He thinks it's hilarious when I say no, he can't have pizza or hotdog for breakfast. If we drive anywhere in the vicinity of Sam's, he starts chanting pizza, hotdog; even if he's just eaten. He's also inherited my sweet tooth. He loves chocolate. This is a good time of year for him what with Little Elvis' birthday, Valentine's Day, and his birthday.

I have lots more to say, but should maybe save it for his actual birthday. I will add that he's possibly my snuggliest Snuggle Bug. I'm currently battling a sinus infection, and while I was laying down waiting for nose spray to work yesterday morning, he had to climb up on me and hug and kiss me while we waited for me to be able to breathe.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Super cozy spaces

Who needs chairs when you can sit in a nice laundry basket? Silly Baby Plum.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow fun!

We took a little bit of video of our "big snow." Cheese Puff had the sniffles and couldn't go outside, so Bob brought the snow into him in the form of a snow man.

Cheese Puff's favorite thing about Christmas was Frosty the Snowman. If you ask him what his favorite anything is, he'll most likely tell you "Bahsty Ohman!" He demands the song at random times, like waiting in line to check out our library books. So, here's a little video of the big boys kind of enjoying the snow, and our little boy singing about it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Elvis is officially 7! (and a day)

I didn't post yesterday on Little Elvis' actual birthday. He had a special birthday, though. Mother Nature decided to give him a little gift.
 A snow day! And two days off from school, because we don't know how to even deal with the threat of snow down here.
 Little Elvis and Baby Plum enjoyed the great birthday snow for a few minutes. Then, their little fingers got too cold. Cheese Puff's got a runny nose, so he wasn't allowed outside. Mean old parents.
 The night before Little Elvis' birthday, I made cupcakes for his class. It seemed like the snow wasn't going to be too bad. The boys enjoyed licking the icing off the mixers.
 Love their funny faces. I messed up making the cupcakes. We didn't go to school on Tuesday, or Wednesday.
We let the boys start eating the cupcakes on Tuesday, because we figured they wouldn't be going to school on Wednesday and then the cakes would be stale. I made new cupcakes this evening. And Little Elvis' tummy hurts. We may be eating these cupcakes as part of the Valentine's party at school.
We didn't take any pictures at his actual party, but we did take a video of the Happy Birthday song. This is raw. I couldn't manage to edit it down. Yes, he wants to rule the world.
Since I was negligent in posting yesterday, I accidentally delayed the official release date of Super America 2. It was supposed to be on February 11, 2014. Don't tell him.

He's happy with his movie. It's more complex than Super America Saves the World. I'm going to have to get better with camera angles.

Little Elvis has been telling everyone he's seven for about a week. He's sweet, though very emotional. He's working on it, and I think this year we'll see a turnaround. He's still very into movies, although he's got other interests as well. He likes inventors. We got him a little book about Thomas Edison for his birthday, and found out that he shares his birthday with Thomas Edison! He was very excited about that. He also loves Captain Underpants, and anything remotely gross. He's finally talking about a friend from church. In pre-K, he talked all of the time about his best friend. But he had problems connecting with the kids in kindergarten, and first grade. It's so nice to hear him talk about a friend again. I'm hoping that next year he'll be able to make a few more. His interests just don't mesh with other kids. They aren't as into movies and production companies, or even publishing companies. Bob and I were talking about him last night, and one thing we both believe is that Little Elvis has a complete zest for life. Everything has him excited.

He has birthday money to spend, and he's had a hard time of it. We couldn't find any of the books he wants at WalMart, ToysRUs or the Goodwill Bookstore. They didn't have any technology things that interested him in his price point. I told him to try to think of things he might really want, and we'd try to find them online. He's not so sure. We'll see what I can find for him. I think he had a happy, though subdued actual birthday.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Pixar party

Embarrassingly, I have no pictures of the kids at Little Elvis' birthday party. Only half of the kids we invited showed, so 4. But one brought his little brother, and if you count in Little Elvis' two brothers, we had 7 kids other than him. He didn't seem to notice that the kids he invited from his class didn't come. But that's not the reason for the lack of pictures. This was the first party where parents didn't stay. And with this whole movie thing going on, well, we were busy. So, here are the pics from the house before the ruckus of a bunch of boys and one girl.
I worked hard coming up with funny sayings from Pixar movies and matching them to snacks. The boys didn't care, and their parents didn't stay. Little Elvis knew about the signs and LOVED them, so the one who should have been happy was.
We had Mr. Incredible's Fizzy Rainbows (we mixed together 4 types of crazy flavored soda.)
The sign over the goldfish showed Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo along with the quotation, "Fish are food, not friends."
The bugles featured a picture of Dug the dog from Up, and the saying "Cone of Shame."
The gummy worms had a quotation from Heimlich the caterpillar from A Bug's Life. It was about becoming a beautiful butterfly.
We had little mints with a picture of Buzz and Woody, and the phrase "To Mintfinity and Beyond!"
And we also had popcorn with a picture of Sarge from Cars. It read, "Sarge's Kernels."
The homemade cake had the word Pixar, and my attempt at the Pixar lamp. Little Elvis liked it.

The kids ate some of the popcorn, all of the gummy worms, and a few of the goldfish and bugles. No one ate the cake. One kid looked at it, and told me he didn't like it. I've gotten this from other kids. People buy birthday cakes around here, and kids are now turning their noses up at my homemade things. Sniff, sniff. I didn't even sneak anything healthy into this one!
Back to the décor, here is Little Elvis' John Lasseter autograph. He wrote a fan letter this summer, and they sent him an autograph!
I printed out signs for the toilets that read, "All drains lead to the ocean." That's from Finding Nemo.
This is the poster Little Elvis made about John Lasseter when he was 4. It's looking pretty rough, but we gave him the official Pixar good guy poster below it. Maybe we can replace the John Lasseter poster with it.
This is the picture that Baby Plum made in school. It looks a lot like the snowman in the globe from Knick Knack. We love this short. The story is cute, but I think I like the music by Bobby McFerrin the best.

Below that is a still from another Pixar short For the Birds, and the saying, "Never apologize for who you are."

I felt like it was a good message for Little Elvis right now. He's a unique little boy, and he's having a hard time making friends. He had a hard time last year as well. He's very smart, and not exactly interested in what other kids are interested in. Also, he just doesn't seem to understand social mores. His fits don't help. We're trying. We want him to stay true to himself, but work on self-control.

The little girl that came has known him since pre-K. She's super-super sweet. She's kind. I hope they are in the same class next year. Two of the little boys who came are new to our church. We didn't know them well. One was kind of wild, but they were both nice to Little Elvis. They didn't roll their eyes at him, and loved playing with him and his toys.

We made a spy movie as the activity, and it was supposed to be the party favor. We didn't finish it. But most of the kids had a blast making the movie, and enjoyed watching it on the computer. They played well with Little Elvis and his brothers. It gave me hope. These kids "get" ours. At least they did today.

And he did a good job. He didn't pitch a fit. He played. He was super-excited and jumpy, but that was understandable. 

I'm not going to post the spy movie video since it's got all of the other kids in it. Little Elvis decided to call it "Birthday Mission: The case of the missing cake." It's funny.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Scenes from our house

 Cheese Puff fights me when I ask him to wear his toboggan, but he has no problem wearing mine, and then running through the house. I think he wears it well.
 Baby Plum's been pulling out every one of his musical toys to the center of the room to play band. He plays each instrument for about 2 seconds, maybe. It's more work for him to pull them out, but he seems to enjoy it.
 Little Elvis got a new book at the book fair on Monday. He had his nose buried in it most of the day. He didn't even get out of the car when we first got home, because he was so entranced with his new book. This, he definitely gets from me.
 Baby Plum playing doctor with Slappy. I gave him a face mask that I had, so he could look like a real doctor. He wore it for the few seconds it took me to sneak the picture. He must not like how it feels. Slappy and I had a rare pet/human doctor visit. We were both deemed healthy, but cold.
We've had this space puzzle since September. I only just now realized it had a matching game to go with it. Baby Plum loved it! I think the space airplane was his favorite thing to match. Maybe we'll both learn about the planets.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Sweet shopper

Baby Plum helped my mom shop the other day. We have an ottoman like this, and he loves to climb inside of it sometimes to sit down. I'm not sure if he tried that on this ottoman or not.

I don't know if it's just our kids, but all three have loved to climb inside that ottoman.

We call him "Helper Baby Plum" around the house, and he loves it. He loves that he's known as the helper of the family, and will almost always help us when we ask. I can't remember him fussing about it, either.

He's also adopted a nice new habit of holding the storm door for me when we're trying to get out of the house in the morning. It's very nice. 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Prepping for a Pixar party

So, Little Elvis wanted a Pixar party for his 7th birthday this year. What is a Pixar party? We don't really know, so we're winging it. And it's a lot more work than any of his other parties. Not only do I have to scrub the house, but we were forced to create this party from nothing.

I thought it would be fun to feature the Pixar Luxo Lamp in the invite, and decided that since he was turning 7, I would try to find one bent in a 7. This was the best one I found. He loved the invite, but I don't know if anyone else understood that the lamp was supposed to be a 7.

I am going to try my best to draw the Pixar logo on his cake, which will just be a round cake I think.

For decorations, we're going to move his John Lasseter poster that he made when he was 4 out to the living room, along with his John Lasseter autograph, and the off-brand Luxo lamp that Santa brought him for Christmas. I also ordered him a Pixar good guys poster for his birthday. We'll hang it up for his birthday party. I also printed out some cute Pixar pictures and sayings. And Baby Plum randomly made a picture in pre-school last week that looks just like one of Little Elvis' favorite Pixar short characters. He's said we could hang that picture up as well, even though it does have Baby Plum's name at the bottom of it.

For food, we decided to try and tie the snacks into the movies, and made signs describing what we've done. We worked on those this weekend, and showed them to Little Elvis. He loves them. No one else may get them, but our little guy loves them. I will show pictures after the party.

For activities, they can play with our house full of toys, and Little Elvis wants to debut his sequel. He'll also get to show a couple of Pixar shorts that he loves. They are short and funny, so hopefully the kids will like them.

The biggest issue for me was the party favor. I am not a fan of party favors, and try to come up with affordable (for us) things that will also be useful. I probably fail more often than not. So, what could we do that was about Pixar? After some thought, I decided that we could make a movie featuring his friends. It had to be short, not too difficult to act out, and easy for me to edit during the party. It will not be computer animated, like Pixar movies, because we can't do that. We will burn the movie to DVDs and that will be the party favor. He's very excited about this.

This afternoon we finally came up with a script. It will be spy-themed. I have no idea how many kids will show up, so I tried to make the script very easy to divvy up parts. Of course, this means more work. Now, on top of cleaning the house, I need to make parts of some costumes and props. The costume pieces will be easy I think. But making a cardboard cake has me more than a little worried.

The good news with the script is that I can do the graphics and at least one shot of Baby Plum early. I hope I haven't gotten us in over our heads. We will see. Bob may be stuck doing the entertaining by himself while I attempt to get the movie in. It will most likely consist of a few very long takes with a good bit of giggling.

I hope this works out. I hope he's happy. We think he will be. This party is definitely all about him. So, I guess I hope his friends will tolerate our quirkiness.