Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheese Puff's 2!

Our sweet little baby celebrated his second birthday today! We had a small family party this evening, complete with pizza! cake! and m&m.'s!

After going without his beloved pizza or hotdog from Sam's, since we skipped our usual Friday night meal out, he was thrilled to eat some supreme pizza. This baby loves a slice heavy with veggies! He did endure a Mommy-made pizza this week with Little Elvis' preferred pesto sauce. He much preferred the Sam's version.

He dressed in his Mickey shirt for his party, and seemed to like his gifts. My parents got him Mickey gloves. Hopefully, he won't fuss at me nearly as much if he has to wear gloves anymore this season. It was 65 today. Maybe the groundhog was wrong this year! (Although, how can you not see your shadow when they have spotlights on you?)
 He also got a little Buzz action figure. My grandmother bought it for Little Elvis or Baby Plum, and forgot to give it to them. I had to convince her that he would love it. He did. They all did. It was the hit of the party!
"Buzz!" This one has a karate chop, which they don't have. We bought him a little shopping cart, which I wasn't sure if he liked. Baby Plum loved it, so I don't have a picture of Cheese Puff enjoying it. Baby Plum didn't want to share it.
Here he is pretending to want to blow out his candles. He was happy to sing happy birthday to himself, but he didn't want to get close to that hot fire. Baby Plum was happy to help him.
Cheese Puff preferred his Mickey Mouse mini-cupcake to an actual slice of cake, which was fine with me, since it was a little smaller. He only ate the m&ms and the icing. We got the ideas for these off of Pinterest, and Bob glued on the "buttons" last night. The m&ms are not brown. They are kind of maroon. I bought some Valentine's m&m's with dark red hoping they would work. I didn't want to buy several bags of m&ms to only dig out the brown ones. Cheese Puff didn't care. He liked the cherry flavored m&ms.

He ended the party by playing duck-duck-goose and hide-and-seek for everyone. They thought he was cute playing duck-duck-goose, too.

He decided to celebrate his big day by pitching some huge fits this morning while I was icing cupcakes (he sounded just like Little Elvis at one point!) and not napping. He was exhausted by the time his evening party rolled around. We tried to tire him out by taking the boys to a nearby park to ride bikes, play on the equipment and play soccer. Baby Plum's our big soccer fan, but Cheese Puff also likes to kick the ball a little. He kicks with his left foot, so we may have two lefties on our hands. He's a whole lot more like his biggest brother. He's temperamental and feisty. He's our toughest and roughest boy, which is funny, because he's also our smallest. He's a lot skinnier than either of his two brothers were at this age. Their hand-me-downs hang off of him if he's in disposable diapers. I overstuff our cloths, so his pants fit very well when he's wearing them.

He loves his Coachpa, but is also pretty willing to hug and visit other people. At Christmas, he just went up to one of my aunts and demanded to sit and snuggle with her. Tonight, he was happy to play and visit with my uncle. Granted this uncle is his Coachpa's twin.

He still loves to play with balls and be involved in any sort of sports activity we do, but he's also developed a love of cars. Thankfully, we have most of the ones from when Little Elvis was so into them. He has a garage playset and a gas station playset that he really enjoys. One big similarity with Baby Plum is that he can entertain himself. He will happily sit and play with his cars without adult interaction, which is nice.

He loves to sing, but when we tried to get him to sing at his party this evening, he really wouldn't. He's not our monkey. He won't perform just because we want him to. He was also overwhelmed. We will get video of him singing one of his favorite songs, we'll just have to be sneaky about it. He's got a sweet voice.

He likes the cats, but calls them both Wally. (woddy.)

He has a little doggy that he sleeps with during naptime and at bedtime. It's named Doggy. He also sleeps with a little fleece sleeping bag I made him last year and his blanket that one of Bob's students made when he was born. He woke up sweating last night, but refused to let me take either blanket away. Summertime might be a little difficult if that doesn't change.

He's still a big fan of "daddies," or pacifiers. He's starting to identify them by color, although he often calls the green one blue and the blue one green. Some days I'm successful in sneaking away a paci and keeping them out of his mouth for hours. Other days, he realizes what I've done immediately and goes searching. He likes to pull out his crib to search for them.

He loves to have all of his food served in bowls. We have plastic bowls within his reach. Oranges must go in them, raisins, just about anything except bananas and cheese sticks.

Cheese Puff goes to time out like "a man." (Little Elvis' phrase) He will quietly hold my hand down the hall and wait until I shut the door before crying.

He's possessive and easily jealous. He doesn't like to share anything, especially laps. He labels lots of things "mine" or "my." Sometimes it's sweet. Last week, while both of his brothers were in school, we talked about going to pick them up. He called them My Baby Plum and My Little Elvis.

They sometimes have the greatest time together. In the backseat of the car, they have started really cracking each other up. They just laugh and laugh. It's sweet.

We love our little Snuggle Puppy so much. He's grown so much! He looks like such a big boy now! And sometimes he even acts like a big boy.


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