Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Elvis is officially 7! (and a day)

I didn't post yesterday on Little Elvis' actual birthday. He had a special birthday, though. Mother Nature decided to give him a little gift.
 A snow day! And two days off from school, because we don't know how to even deal with the threat of snow down here.
 Little Elvis and Baby Plum enjoyed the great birthday snow for a few minutes. Then, their little fingers got too cold. Cheese Puff's got a runny nose, so he wasn't allowed outside. Mean old parents.
 The night before Little Elvis' birthday, I made cupcakes for his class. It seemed like the snow wasn't going to be too bad. The boys enjoyed licking the icing off the mixers.
 Love their funny faces. I messed up making the cupcakes. We didn't go to school on Tuesday, or Wednesday.
We let the boys start eating the cupcakes on Tuesday, because we figured they wouldn't be going to school on Wednesday and then the cakes would be stale. I made new cupcakes this evening. And Little Elvis' tummy hurts. We may be eating these cupcakes as part of the Valentine's party at school.
We didn't take any pictures at his actual party, but we did take a video of the Happy Birthday song. This is raw. I couldn't manage to edit it down. Yes, he wants to rule the world.
Since I was negligent in posting yesterday, I accidentally delayed the official release date of Super America 2. It was supposed to be on February 11, 2014. Don't tell him.

He's happy with his movie. It's more complex than Super America Saves the World. I'm going to have to get better with camera angles.

Little Elvis has been telling everyone he's seven for about a week. He's sweet, though very emotional. He's working on it, and I think this year we'll see a turnaround. He's still very into movies, although he's got other interests as well. He likes inventors. We got him a little book about Thomas Edison for his birthday, and found out that he shares his birthday with Thomas Edison! He was very excited about that. He also loves Captain Underpants, and anything remotely gross. He's finally talking about a friend from church. In pre-K, he talked all of the time about his best friend. But he had problems connecting with the kids in kindergarten, and first grade. It's so nice to hear him talk about a friend again. I'm hoping that next year he'll be able to make a few more. His interests just don't mesh with other kids. They aren't as into movies and production companies, or even publishing companies. Bob and I were talking about him last night, and one thing we both believe is that Little Elvis has a complete zest for life. Everything has him excited.

He has birthday money to spend, and he's had a hard time of it. We couldn't find any of the books he wants at WalMart, ToysRUs or the Goodwill Bookstore. They didn't have any technology things that interested him in his price point. I told him to try to think of things he might really want, and we'd try to find them online. He's not so sure. We'll see what I can find for him. I think he had a happy, though subdued actual birthday.


Blogger Linchpin said...

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Blogger Ann Wyse said...

We love the movie! N says that it's the best movie ever. The words "greatest" and "cool" were also used repeatedly. We watched it three times in a row. N was really, really impressed by the bad guys sliding/crawling across the floor (seemingly by themselves!) and wants to know how you did that.

I'm drooling over your big, beautiful backyard. It's looks so lovely and fun, and just the place where I would want to spend all my time. Even with snow!

DK Publishing has some nice technology books for kids. We have some in paperback - which I thought would be less expensive - but I don't see the paperback versions on Amazon. Maybe ours came from a book fair? I'm not sure. (We get almost all of our books from my mother, who gets them from various teacher-related-things.)

8:54 PM  
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