Sunday, February 09, 2014

Pixar party

Embarrassingly, I have no pictures of the kids at Little Elvis' birthday party. Only half of the kids we invited showed, so 4. But one brought his little brother, and if you count in Little Elvis' two brothers, we had 7 kids other than him. He didn't seem to notice that the kids he invited from his class didn't come. But that's not the reason for the lack of pictures. This was the first party where parents didn't stay. And with this whole movie thing going on, well, we were busy. So, here are the pics from the house before the ruckus of a bunch of boys and one girl.
I worked hard coming up with funny sayings from Pixar movies and matching them to snacks. The boys didn't care, and their parents didn't stay. Little Elvis knew about the signs and LOVED them, so the one who should have been happy was.
We had Mr. Incredible's Fizzy Rainbows (we mixed together 4 types of crazy flavored soda.)
The sign over the goldfish showed Bruce the shark from Finding Nemo along with the quotation, "Fish are food, not friends."
The bugles featured a picture of Dug the dog from Up, and the saying "Cone of Shame."
The gummy worms had a quotation from Heimlich the caterpillar from A Bug's Life. It was about becoming a beautiful butterfly.
We had little mints with a picture of Buzz and Woody, and the phrase "To Mintfinity and Beyond!"
And we also had popcorn with a picture of Sarge from Cars. It read, "Sarge's Kernels."
The homemade cake had the word Pixar, and my attempt at the Pixar lamp. Little Elvis liked it.

The kids ate some of the popcorn, all of the gummy worms, and a few of the goldfish and bugles. No one ate the cake. One kid looked at it, and told me he didn't like it. I've gotten this from other kids. People buy birthday cakes around here, and kids are now turning their noses up at my homemade things. Sniff, sniff. I didn't even sneak anything healthy into this one!
Back to the d├ęcor, here is Little Elvis' John Lasseter autograph. He wrote a fan letter this summer, and they sent him an autograph!
I printed out signs for the toilets that read, "All drains lead to the ocean." That's from Finding Nemo.
This is the poster Little Elvis made about John Lasseter when he was 4. It's looking pretty rough, but we gave him the official Pixar good guy poster below it. Maybe we can replace the John Lasseter poster with it.
This is the picture that Baby Plum made in school. It looks a lot like the snowman in the globe from Knick Knack. We love this short. The story is cute, but I think I like the music by Bobby McFerrin the best.

Below that is a still from another Pixar short For the Birds, and the saying, "Never apologize for who you are."

I felt like it was a good message for Little Elvis right now. He's a unique little boy, and he's having a hard time making friends. He had a hard time last year as well. He's very smart, and not exactly interested in what other kids are interested in. Also, he just doesn't seem to understand social mores. His fits don't help. We're trying. We want him to stay true to himself, but work on self-control.

The little girl that came has known him since pre-K. She's super-super sweet. She's kind. I hope they are in the same class next year. Two of the little boys who came are new to our church. We didn't know them well. One was kind of wild, but they were both nice to Little Elvis. They didn't roll their eyes at him, and loved playing with him and his toys.

We made a spy movie as the activity, and it was supposed to be the party favor. We didn't finish it. But most of the kids had a blast making the movie, and enjoyed watching it on the computer. They played well with Little Elvis and his brothers. It gave me hope. These kids "get" ours. At least they did today.

And he did a good job. He didn't pitch a fit. He played. He was super-excited and jumpy, but that was understandable. 

I'm not going to post the spy movie video since it's got all of the other kids in it. Little Elvis decided to call it "Birthday Mission: The case of the missing cake." It's funny.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

"To mintfinity and beyond!" Very clever! I love all the sayings and signs!

It looks - and sounds - like you hit the nail on the head in terms of what LE wanted. He's a very lucky guy to have such creative and giving parents. I think it will make all the difference as he grows up.

And, seven. HE'S SEVEN! Pause, deep breath, WOW!

8:53 AM  
Blogger mpotter said...

you are so clever!
i've never seen any of those movies- and loved the jokes!
so glad it was a hit with the one that counts. (and WOW by the way!)

what a great idea.
and i'd eat your cake. the "healthy" comment also cracked me up

happy birthday!!!!
this will be a special memory for him- i don't doubt it at all.

8:12 AM  
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