Tuesday, March 25, 2014

An attempt to catch him singing

Cheese Puff is a songbird, but clams up when we turn the camera on. I decided to be a little surreptitious and just use the still camera set to video while we were waiting in the pick up line for Baby Plum. Two of his favorites came on, I turned the camera on a little early for this one, but he does get going at the chorus. I have to do better. I also have to get Baby Plum singing. He pays attention to the words! He knows more than just the chorus.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

What happens when Baby Plum finds the camera

Baby Plum found the camera the other day, and much like Little Elvis used to, he ran around taking pictures.
Cheese Puff eating peas.
Cheese Puff after finishing his peas.
Cheese Puff saying "cheese" with some pea on his nose.
Daddy from a low angle.
Daddy without the top of his head.
Daddy and Mommy's bottoms.
Yet another bottom shot. I guess it takes both of us to use the microwave.
Little Elvis doing homework.
I left out some shots, like the ones of Baby Plum's shoes and Little Elvis' shorts and calves.
Mommy took this picture. It was crazy clothes week at school. This was crazy sock day. He didn't have any. I had some super long striped soccer socks. He wore those with shorts to show them off. This was a frustrating week. He participated every day, but I don't know if many in his class did. He wore a silly hat for silly hat day, and some kids told him it was stupid. That hurt his feelings. I think he was the only one in his class to wear crazy socks. He wanted to participate, but was let down most days by the reactions. At least on dress like an old person day, he was happy. He wore a dress shirt, slacks and a button up vest, because it was all we had. Some kids had fake mustaches and canes, so he wasn't the wildest, but he participated. Next time we'll try to aim for middle of the road with our wackiness....

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fixing Issues (both website and naptime)

We interrupt this scheduled supper for an impromptu nap.
Last week, my website was down. Bob worked on it (on his week off) and fixed the problem. He found a good solution. I'm glad it was kind of painlessly fixed.

We all had Spring Break last week. Bob and the older boys were off, and Cheese Puff and I got to spend a lot more time with all of them. We enjoyed that. But Cheese Puff started to notice something this week: while he sleeps, his brothers don't.

After his first year of difficult sleeping, he's become our best sleeper. He's so easy to put down for naps and at bedtime. I put him in his little sleeping bag, give him his doggy, let him select a pacifier, and rock for about 1 minute. Then he's good to go.

But last week, we encountered issues. First off, his brothers are loud. Especially Little Elvis. Baby Plum is used to being quiet during naptime, but not Little Elvis.

In the above picture, an exhausted Cheese Puff conked out during supper. That baby loves corn on the cob, but he didn't even have the energy to take one bite.

Why didn't he nap earlier in the day? He was fighting me on that particular nap anyway, because he knew his brothers were outside playing. Right when I was about to attempt to lay him down, Little Elvis started screaming. Screaming loud enough to bother the entire neighborhood, and certainly loud enough to disturb his baby brother. Little Elvis had decided to scooter while holding a big toy, something I've told him numerous times not to do. He fell. It wasn't bad. But Little Elvis will scream bloody murder whenever he thinks he can get away with it. He fell a lot this week, and our entire neighborhood knew about each fall. Did he learn to stop scootering with toys? No.

Anyway, Cheese Puff wasn't about to go back to his bedroom after that experience. He wanted to play with his brothers.

I got him down for a nap this afternoon, but it was later than I wanted. When I first went to put him down, he started crying that he wanted to "play cars!" I let him play cars until he crawled up on the ottoman to attempt to lay down. Then, he had to take a nap. The first thing he said when he woke up was, "play cars in the playroom!" So, we did.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project completion!

I finally got a new project! Yay! And it's now done, but I have another one already started.
I mentioned to my parents that I wanted to get an old dresser for Cheese Puff's room. They knew of one. The one I had when I was a baby. It was taking up space at my grandparents' house, so they brought it to us.
It needed some repairs, and since it was veneer and wood, I decided that it would be ok to paint it. (I have a problem painting wooden furniture.) I did some research on pinterest, and got to work.
This is how it turned out. I painted it gray, with white around the trim. I changed out the lower drawer pulls and Bob cut off part of the decorative legs. It's more streamlined and modern. I hope it looks boyish. It better matches a white nightstand we bought years ago, and seems a lot lighter in the room.
I had a bunch of random pictures hanging on that wall before we put up the mirror. I rearranged some of them, but moved a painting of a sleeping cat to another wall. It's not a great painting, although a lot better than anything I can do. One of my grandmother's friends did it, and was going to throw it away. Granny knew I liked cats, so she kept it for me. It was in Little Elvis' nursery, and Baby Plum's. Cheese Puff's completely ignored it. But this evening, he looked at it in the new location and started growling. I told him it was a kitty cat and didn't growl, but he was frowning. I asked if he didn't like it. He didn't. I asked if he wanted me to take it down. He did. Hopefully I'll be able to move it to another wall. I kind of hate to see it go.

Now onto the next project...

Friday, March 07, 2014

Bundles of tens

This is based on my best approximation of a conversation with Little Elvis on the way home from school yesterday.

Some random pop song by a boy is on the radio. He is not a fan of any songs by a girl, or a boy who sounds like a girl. I know he doesn't believe me about some Prince and Michael Jackson songs. But it works both ways, he's also convinced that Annie Lenox is a boy.

Anyway, random song is playing.

Little Elvis: This song without the words will be the theme song for my movie, "Bundles of Tens." It's got a math term, but it's not about math. It's just about bundles. It's a mix between "Lord of the Rings" and "Viking."

Me: Have you seen "Lord of the Rings"?

Little Elvis: No.

Me: How do you know it's a mixture?

Little Elvis: Because it's action.

Me: Ah. Yes.

Little Elvis: It will have a Trojan hundred.

Me: A huh?

Little Elvis: A Trojan hundred. It's like the Trojan horse, but with a 100. All the bundles will hide inside the Trojan hundred. Like they did in the 1500s.

Me: That happened in the 1500s? I thought it was way before that.

Little Elvis: I don't know. It was a long time ago. The movie will be rated PG-13 for mild language and violence.

Me (worried about what he's heard me say lately): What is the language?

Little Elvis: 'Who are you calling horse head?'

Me: What?

Little Elvis: They will call the Trojan Hundred a horse head, and it will say, "Who are you calling horse head?" Get it?

Me: Yes. You need to write this down when we get home so we can tell Daddy about this movie.

He wrote down about two sentences, but was so excited about all of the ideas and just everything in general that he got sidetracked. But I had to write this down. I love the horse head, and the Trojan hundred idea. His mind is so funny.

We have lots of these conversations. He's got 15 movies on his docket right now, and as of today, has relegated "Bundles of Tens" to the end. I'm sad about that.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Cheese Puff sweets-y pie

Cheese Puff loves sweets! He's just like Baby Plum! And they both get this from their mommy.
My mom introduced him to ice cream sandwiches last week. He was a very big fan.
When not enjoying sweets, he's singing sweetly. My parents knew he liked to sing to the radio, but they were shocked when he started singing Katie Perry's Roar last week. It's only 12 seconds long, but it's still cute. His interpretation is very funny. We will work to get him singing more of the song, because it's very cute. Although Little Elvis hates girl songs, he likes to hear Cheese Puff sing this one. Also, we have great video of Baby Plum singing Bon Jovi. Will have to work on getting that together.

Shopping monster

Baby Plum still adores Cheese Puff's birthday present -- the shopping cart. He loves to shop with it, and I created a monster the other morning by setting up a little grocery store for him in the kitchen.
I put Cheese Puff's Minnie in the cart for Cheese Puff. Baby Plum was not fond of that.
It's much better now that Minnie's been dumped.
My one shot of Cheese Puff shopping.
His mean big brother won't share!
The day of his first "shopping" trip. I pulled out a few products I thought he'd like, and some that I thought he'd pas up. I also made him some coupons.
He selected the Cheerios immediately. This baby still loves Cheerios. Little Elvis hasn't been a fan for years, but Baby Plum still wants them most mornings for breakfast. He also bought the ABC Cookie Monster cereal for Cheese Puff.
He left the barley alone on the first trip, but was happy to buy the bananas and use his coupon. He never bought any oranges, though. Which is funny, because he loves oranges.
He bought Cheese Puff some squeezable fruit and veggie stuff, but left Mommy's tea, the barbecue sauce and canned tomatoes.
He did get the peanut butter. Cheese Puff helped for the first shopping trip.
After the first shopping trip, he just bought up everything I laid out. Canned beans? Yes, please! Chickpeas? Sure!

After 2 shopping trips with my initial offerings, he wanted me to restock the store so he could shop again. After that shopping trip, he decided he needed new merchandise each time. I managed to get out of restocking the store during Cheese Puff's naptime. We didn't do it over the weekend, but I'm sure that if we do miss school tomorrow (icy rain!) then I'll be restocking the store a lot. I have no idea how Little Elvis will handle this game. Most likely by ignoring us and reading Captain Underpants or asking me obscure questions about the brand names of the items I put out. I will Google when Cheerios began right now....