Sunday, March 02, 2014

Cheese Puff sweets-y pie

Cheese Puff loves sweets! He's just like Baby Plum! And they both get this from their mommy.
My mom introduced him to ice cream sandwiches last week. He was a very big fan.
When not enjoying sweets, he's singing sweetly. My parents knew he liked to sing to the radio, but they were shocked when he started singing Katie Perry's Roar last week. It's only 12 seconds long, but it's still cute. His interpretation is very funny. We will work to get him singing more of the song, because it's very cute. Although Little Elvis hates girl songs, he likes to hear Cheese Puff sing this one. Also, we have great video of Baby Plum singing Bon Jovi. Will have to work on getting that together.


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