Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Project completion!

I finally got a new project! Yay! And it's now done, but I have another one already started.
I mentioned to my parents that I wanted to get an old dresser for Cheese Puff's room. They knew of one. The one I had when I was a baby. It was taking up space at my grandparents' house, so they brought it to us.
It needed some repairs, and since it was veneer and wood, I decided that it would be ok to paint it. (I have a problem painting wooden furniture.) I did some research on pinterest, and got to work.
This is how it turned out. I painted it gray, with white around the trim. I changed out the lower drawer pulls and Bob cut off part of the decorative legs. It's more streamlined and modern. I hope it looks boyish. It better matches a white nightstand we bought years ago, and seems a lot lighter in the room.
I had a bunch of random pictures hanging on that wall before we put up the mirror. I rearranged some of them, but moved a painting of a sleeping cat to another wall. It's not a great painting, although a lot better than anything I can do. One of my grandmother's friends did it, and was going to throw it away. Granny knew I liked cats, so she kept it for me. It was in Little Elvis' nursery, and Baby Plum's. Cheese Puff's completely ignored it. But this evening, he looked at it in the new location and started growling. I told him it was a kitty cat and didn't growl, but he was frowning. I asked if he didn't like it. He didn't. I asked if he wanted me to take it down. He did. Hopefully I'll be able to move it to another wall. I kind of hate to see it go.

Now onto the next project...


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The dresser looks great! It's a dramatic difference - and I definitely think it looks more boyish. Oh my, I'm a little envious! A project - not only that a *finished* project!

Hopefully the cats will grow on Cheese Puff!

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the way you made it "fit" the room.
Grandpa Stew

1:01 PM  
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