Sunday, March 02, 2014

Shopping monster

Baby Plum still adores Cheese Puff's birthday present -- the shopping cart. He loves to shop with it, and I created a monster the other morning by setting up a little grocery store for him in the kitchen.
I put Cheese Puff's Minnie in the cart for Cheese Puff. Baby Plum was not fond of that.
It's much better now that Minnie's been dumped.
My one shot of Cheese Puff shopping.
His mean big brother won't share!
The day of his first "shopping" trip. I pulled out a few products I thought he'd like, and some that I thought he'd pas up. I also made him some coupons.
He selected the Cheerios immediately. This baby still loves Cheerios. Little Elvis hasn't been a fan for years, but Baby Plum still wants them most mornings for breakfast. He also bought the ABC Cookie Monster cereal for Cheese Puff.
He left the barley alone on the first trip, but was happy to buy the bananas and use his coupon. He never bought any oranges, though. Which is funny, because he loves oranges.
He bought Cheese Puff some squeezable fruit and veggie stuff, but left Mommy's tea, the barbecue sauce and canned tomatoes.
He did get the peanut butter. Cheese Puff helped for the first shopping trip.
After the first shopping trip, he just bought up everything I laid out. Canned beans? Yes, please! Chickpeas? Sure!

After 2 shopping trips with my initial offerings, he wanted me to restock the store so he could shop again. After that shopping trip, he decided he needed new merchandise each time. I managed to get out of restocking the store during Cheese Puff's naptime. We didn't do it over the weekend, but I'm sure that if we do miss school tomorrow (icy rain!) then I'll be restocking the store a lot. I have no idea how Little Elvis will handle this game. Most likely by ignoring us and reading Captain Underpants or asking me obscure questions about the brand names of the items I put out. I will Google when Cheerios began right now....


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