Saturday, March 22, 2014

What happens when Baby Plum finds the camera

Baby Plum found the camera the other day, and much like Little Elvis used to, he ran around taking pictures.
Cheese Puff eating peas.
Cheese Puff after finishing his peas.
Cheese Puff saying "cheese" with some pea on his nose.
Daddy from a low angle.
Daddy without the top of his head.
Daddy and Mommy's bottoms.
Yet another bottom shot. I guess it takes both of us to use the microwave.
Little Elvis doing homework.
I left out some shots, like the ones of Baby Plum's shoes and Little Elvis' shorts and calves.
Mommy took this picture. It was crazy clothes week at school. This was crazy sock day. He didn't have any. I had some super long striped soccer socks. He wore those with shorts to show them off. This was a frustrating week. He participated every day, but I don't know if many in his class did. He wore a silly hat for silly hat day, and some kids told him it was stupid. That hurt his feelings. I think he was the only one in his class to wear crazy socks. He wanted to participate, but was let down most days by the reactions. At least on dress like an old person day, he was happy. He wore a dress shirt, slacks and a button up vest, because it was all we had. Some kids had fake mustaches and canes, so he wasn't the wildest, but he participated. Next time we'll try to aim for middle of the road with our wackiness....


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