Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Another day, another play

After much discussion, we decided to let Little Elvis try out for the latest play in our area. It's School House Rock Jr. He already knew some of the songs, and we thought his behavior had gotten better. We also want him to have a wider net of friends.

So, he got a small solo. I'm fine with that. He doesn't always need a named part. But he's had to go to practice for 5 days a week since they started rehearsals. He's in the chorus. Some nights it was just 50 minutes. Now it's at least 2 hours. It's been a lot. We're rushed every morning when he gets home from school. He has to do homework, practice baseball (and when Mommy has to do the pitching, he reminds her how she should have practiced more when she was younger, because she's not very good) eat supper, shower (because it wastes his time to shower in the morning) and then rush to practice.

At first it was fine. Then, a little friend in the neighborhood started coming over. He must think it's nuts that we eat at 4:30 to 5. When he's been over, we push Little Elvis' shower to the morning. But we're still rushed and have to rush friends out of the door.

Little Elvis pitched a fit last week, and the little boy hasn't been back. I'm hoping he's just busy. Today, two new kids came over to play. They are older, but very sweet and tolerant of our very excitable big boy. But he's also smart enough and well-read enough to hold his own in conversations with them. It also helps that these kids like to make movies. They loved his Super America movies, and are ready to finish our trilogy. We had to rush them out this evening, because we had to scarf down supper, so he could run to play practice. It's so nice for him to have friends in the neighborhood!

While he's made friends with this play, (and possibly a little girlfriend!) we're all ready for a break. Even my poor parents probably are. They've had to pull extra sitting duty since practice nights are getting later and later.

The play ends this weekend. I'm not sure he'll try out for the next one. I'm sure I will forget when the next one comes around. It's such a fun outlet for him to get attention. And he does a good job staying in character on stage. I know I'll end up changing my mind....

Oh, and there's dancing in this one. It's not hard, but it's so funny watching him. I'm quite certain he's not a dancer. He's trying, though. I can't wait to see the whole play!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need a Merit Badge in Mommy.
Grandpa Stew

12:06 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

It sounds like a really cool experience for LE, but I can empathize with your concerns about too much. So funny the way many things seem to happen at once (new neighborhood friends, a play, baseball...)

I feel like we're constantly trying to figure out some sort of balance between activities and free time and friend time and food time. And it's like a moving target, because with 3 growing kids, the needs are in a constant state of flux.

Hope Little Elvis "breaks a leg" this weekend!

1:09 PM  

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