Saturday, April 12, 2014

Busy day!

This time of year is always busy for the boys. They seem to know lots of people born in April. Throw in Easter and just general stuff, and today was super busy for them.
We started our morning with a visit to the Easter Bunny. The older two were more than happy to pose. Cheese Puff? Not so much. He's currently afraid of the big blow up blue bunny at the grocery store. So, this bunny was definitely off limits.
Little Elvis also wanted to pose with the pretty Tinkerbell. No idea why... Baby Plum? Not nearly as impressed. They spent the rest of the morning covered in glitter.

Both boys got their faces painted. Little Elvis went for a bunny rabbit look with a nose and whiskers. Baby Plum picked a green smiley face. When it was done, I told him to say "Thank you." Instead he said he didn't like it, and wiped it off on his shoulder! He's been in some sort of phase for a couple of weeks. It's not fun.

We followed that with a trip to a local green festival. They also had a birthday party, and the older two had a lego party. I only took pictures with the bunny. And didn't take any of Cheese Puff being held by his Daddy while he guzzled lemonade. Lemonade makes mean big bunnies tolerable.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Fun! We've never met the Easter Bunny before. Just yesterday the boys were speculating what the Easter Bunny looked like. I showed them your photos and they were shocked to see that the Easter Bunny was soooo BIG! ;-)

11:37 AM  

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