Saturday, April 19, 2014

Remembering Pappy

It's been a long week for our family. My grandfather, Pappy, died on Monday night. He'd been battling Alzheimer's for about 12 years.
This is Pappy a few years ago.
This is Pappy as a young man. My grandmother brought this picture to his funeral, and everyone commented on how handsome he was. My aunt told me that my grandmother loved his chin dimple. He looks kind of like a movie star.
My grandmother had these pictures made a few years ago. I love this one. I have it framed in our living room. See the love?
This is Granny and Pappy with a baby me.  He was a wonderful grandfather. He loved games, and maybe I got my love of them from him. He was also a good man. A lot of people told us that at his visitation. He was. Bob never got to really know him. I don't believe he had been diagnosed when we got married, but it was obvious that something was wrong. I think Bob would have really liked my Pappy.

I remember having a big debate with him once about how to pronounce salmon. I believed the "l" was silent. He didn't. Finally, Granny looked it up in the dictionary. We were both right.
Here's Pappy with baby Little Elvis. The boys were never scared of him, and even really liked going to visit him in the nursing home the past few years. When Little Elvis was younger, they enjoyed throwing a ball back and forth. Pappy liked babies. He always wanted to hold mine, until he found out how heavy they were.

Pappy also loved music and dancing. Even in the nursing home, when people came to play music, he would get up and dance... sometimes with someone else's walker.

The boys did a pretty good job this week, and I was proud of them. They didn't really know their Pappy, and I hate that. I wish they had gotten the chance.