Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trying to explain time to a 4-year-old

Baby Plum's at an interesting stage. He doesn't ask "Why?" But he asks other questions. Right now, he's trying to wrap his head around time.

We've had several conversations about what he was like when he was a baby.

Those have led to questions about what he was like when Little Elvis was a baby. I told him he wasn't here yet. I tried to explain that Little Elvis was 2 1/2 when Baby Plum was born. So he didn't know Little Elvis as a baby.

He wanted to know what games Daddy and I played when we were young. I told him that I didn't meet his daddy until I was 22. We didn't know each other when we were little.

He wanted to know what he would be like when he was Daddy's age. I told him I didn't know yet. We'd have to wait and see.

My sweet 4-year-old had show-and-tell at school today. I talked him into taking his (brother's) shopping cart. He wanted to take a calculator and a broken car that he never plays with. I thought he should take something he legitimately liked and used. I believe most of his show-and-tells have been influenced by me -- the electric guitar, accordion, and doctor's kit. The shopping cart was bigger, though.

As an afterthought, I tossed his homemade coupons in and we headed out this morning. When the lady came to get him out of the car, I told her I had to get his show-and-tell. I pulled out the cart, and he zoomed it into the school. They were all laughing.

When I came to pick him up, two teachers said they loved his show-and-tell, and his teacher mentioned his coupons. She thought they were real. I told her that those are just the ones he uses when we pretend to grocery shop. I'm sure they think we are a very strange family.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm glad the shopping cart show and tell was a success! Funny - my boys also have a tendency to take strange things that they really never use/play with to show-and-tell as well. I wonder why that is?

8:18 PM  

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