Friday, May 23, 2014

Busy week!

It's the last week of first grade for Little Elvis. And it's been a busy week for our family. Little Elvis' baseball team had games on Monday and Tuesday nights.

On Wednesday, we finally had Little Elvis' 7-year-old pictures made. It's only 3 months late. We made him a special director shirt for his pictures. After that, we swung by Sam's to pick up a new trampoline! Yay!

And then we went to play games at Chuck E. Cheese! One of the nice couples that helped us clean up our yard after the tornado sent us a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese for the boys. They had a blast, and earned 471 tickets with all of their tokens.
All of my boys played, even Bob. Who won 120 tickets on an actual basketball game where he shot hoops. Hate that I missed that. They got weird little things with their tickets. Baby Plum got Nerds. Lots of Nerds. He only cares about getting Nerds. Cheese Puff decided he liked that idea as well. Little Elvis wants everything, and his brothers want Nerds.
Today was awards day at Little Elvis' school. Here he is with his teacher. He got an award for being a great storyteller. Bob went back up that afternoon to perform weather songs for the first graders.

We also spent most of the day attempting to put together the huge new trampoline. Happy to say that we just have to tie the enclosure down, and we'll be done.

It's a busy weekend, too. But that's a good thing. I think it's going to be a very busy summer.