Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Funny little boys

I've not been great about taking pictures, but the boys have been cute and silly.

One morning last week while Cheese Puff was playing with cars, I told Baby Plum that he hadn't hugged me that morning and asked him for a hug. Ever agreeable, Baby Plum came over for a hug. Cheese Puff had heard this conversation and had stopped searching for the perfect to car to watch us. As soon as I wrapped my arms around Baby Plum, Cheese Puff cried, "No! MY Mommy! Mine!" and ran over to tear us apart. He's definitely our most possessive baby. He always has been. I got a quick single hug out of Baby Plum, and then shared one with both of them. Cheese Puff tried to hit Baby Plum the whole time.

Cheese Puff has also taken to scolding his brothers. He yells, "Bad Baby Plum!" and "Bad Little Elvis!" often. Usually, while trying to bop them on the head.

Also last week, we were driving home from school when I spotted a young woman walking down our street. I stopped to see if I could help her. Most of us don't have mailboxes and some don't have street numbers. So, I try to help people find the house they're looking for if I can. Turns out, she was with the Red Cross, and was just checking to see if people were ok.

Little Elvis leaned out of his open car window and said, "Do you have the money for my new trampoline?"

She told him she didn't have any money. Maybe we gave her a good story for the end of her day.

Yesterday, while sitting in the doctors' office, I told Baby Plum (for 257,897,342nd time) to stop sucking his thumb. He looked at me and said, "Coachpa told me to do it." Then pulled his knee up in front of his mouth so I wouldn't see him sucking his thumb. Because most people sit in a chair with a knee in their face, and a hand hidden behind it.

I'm sure they've said other funny things, but those are three that stick out most in my mind. They're pretty funny.


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