Monday, May 12, 2014

Immediate tornado aftermath

These pictures were taken right after the tornado hit our neighborhood.
I believe this is a house across the street. It's taken from our driveway.
This is from our front door.
We had to cross this to get to our house, and to get out to my dad. The trees were difficult.
But the power lines all over the street were much scarier.
Our neighborhood was covered in green, and it smelled wonderful. Thanks to all of the cracked and torn pine trees, it smelled like Christmas. It was so weird.

A lot has been cleaned up, but it's not very pretty right now. Our neighborhood is now brown. Many of the trees (and some house parts) have been cut down and stacked in our front yards. The leaves have died. The pine smell is gone. The road is dirty/dusty. The city had lots of clean up, so it will be a while before we get the tree debris collected. They will also collect the broken house pieces at some point, too.

Right now, our pretty neighborhood is sad. I want it back. At least I want it fixed. I want it fixed now. I want the people to stop driving through our neighborhood, gawking at our misfortune. They will drive by several times. They stop in bad places. The road isn't exactly wide enough for 2 cars in some places. I was run into a pile of trees by an Avalanche this afternoon. He just wanted to look at sad neighborhood with his wife. I just wanted to take my son to his baseball game. Right after I got out of the trees, I was stopped behind two other gapers, who decided to stop their cars and talk. I honked. One waved. I tried to call out that I didn't want my son to be late for his baseball game. They finally moved on. These people aren't contractors looking for work. They are just curious. I'm not fond of them. It's kind of scary to see lots of cars slowly driving circles through your neighborhood. It's like they're casing what's left of it out.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm so sorry about the trees! And the gawkers! I can imagine myself feeling very much the same way: just wanting everything back the way it was.

Looking at your photos, I also wonder: did your trees protect you and your house? I know that tornadoes are amazingly strong - but what if the trees hadn't been there? Would your houses have been more likely to be destroyed? Is it possible that all those trees (somewhat) took the brunt of the tornado's fury? Just thinking about this possibility makes me a little tear-y. Like reading "The Giving Tree," (which always makes me cry).

11:22 AM  

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