Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Little Elvis' first baseball run!

Breakthrough! Little Elvis scored his first run in a baseball game last night!
He's hit a couple of fouls and gotten out at first (as a lefty, he hits it right to the first baseman.) He got on once, and the next kid hit it straight to the second baseman. So, he had yet to score a run...
But last night he did! He hit a single between the first and second baseman. The second kid also hit a single. The third kid hit a double, so he made it all the way home! We cheered and cheered! He was so excited. And one of his friends was there, so bonus!
 Tonight, he struck out twice, and was very upset. We don't really have a place to practice at home, and practicing at my parents' house brings out the whiner in him. We'll figure it out. Bob was not at the game, and my mom was. Maybe that was the trick? Yes, I'm just a little superstitious.
Cheese Puff had fun running around, being cute.
Baby Plum figured how to scale whatever this thing is.
He found some suckers in my purse, so I had to give them over. Thank goodness, I had three!

My mom took all of these pictures with her phone! What great detail!


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