Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tale of two photos

I took both of these pictures, within seconds of each other. How can one be so out of focus, and the other be so good? Same camera, same time of day, same photographer, very different outcomes.
I don't think Baby Plum moved here, but maybe he did. His little scars don't look so bad when out of focus. He's almost back to normal now, which is good. He's a picker, so it's good not to give him something to pick.
I did zoom in for this shot. Maybe that was it, although I'm usually shakier when zoomed in. Look how sweet. He's a very sweet boy, but we're working on some behavior issues. Our current biggest problem has been his abuse of Baby Plum. He's not physically aggressive, but he says the meanest things to Baby Plum. So mean. Baby Plum's finally picking up on it, and he's crying a lot more than usual. As an only child, this sibling abuse is beyond me. I don't understand it. How can he be so mean to the one child that loves him more than anything?


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I struggle with focus in my photos, too. Mostly, I think because my camera is too smart for me. It likes to pick what it focuses on. I have discovered, however, that I can outsmart it by holding the button half way down, making sure it's focused how I want, then pressing the button the rest of the way to take the photo. Doesn't work on all cameras, unfortunately.

We've had a rash of meanness from Noah in the last year or so, too. I think part of it is developmental, but we spend a lot more time talking about other people's feelings lately.

One of my friends, who was really having problems with her daughter, got a whole bunch of books from the library with stories of people's feelings being hurt from talk, and how you can take back what you say, etc. She spent two weeks reading nothing but hurt feelings books to her first grade daughter at bedtime.

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