Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Tornado recovery update

It's been 8 days since a tornado struck our town. Our little neighborhood was in the line of the tornado.

We have power back. It came back on Saturday night. That's amazing. I believe almost all of the power poles in our neighborhood were ripped out of the ground, or torn in half. They started setting up new poles on Friday morning. We got power back late Saturday night. We don't have cable or internet. So, I've been going to my parents' house to get online. This means I won't be online very much. It also means no pictures. I left the camera cord at home.

Bob put video of the devastation up on his facebook page.

But it looks completely different now. It's amazing the people who have come in to the area to help us. Volunteers have been showing up since Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of our tree debris has been moved to the front yard.

On Tuesday or Wednesday a bunch of people from The Home Depot in Memphis came and cleared out every driveway in our neighborhood. We've had lots of people with chainsaws and experience show up to help cut. A co-worker of Bob's loaned him a chainsaw. He and my dad have worked very hard at getting trees off of our house and pulled up to the front yard. Two of my uncles also came and helped out when they didn't have to work.

The boys did a very good job of staying in the house on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons so I could help as well.

On Saturday, a lot of volunteers showed up with different organizations. Some just showed up on their own. And everyone who showed up wanted to work, and worked hard.

People and organizations also brought food, cold water, and all sorts of other things.

Our damage is not bad compared even with some of the other houses in our neighborhood. We have roof problems, and a little wooden fence was damaged. Our trampoline will have to be replaced, as will our mailbox. Not huge things. Very doable.

Bob and my dad and others have been working really hard in our yard. We're basically down to huge root balls and a few trees that were topped that we will probably have to take down.

So, no pictures. but we are making great progress. People in the town and surrounding areas have really pulled together. It's so touching all of the people, many that we didn't know, who came out to help us.

I will post pictures at some point. Bob says my garden beds will get lots more light now, and will do better. And we had one little strawberry that survived everything. I'll let one of the boys eat it this afternoon.