Thursday, June 05, 2014

Goodbye darn spot!

Ever heard the saying, "Warts and all?" Well, I'm not a fan of that saying. While I love Little Elvis, the huge wart that has been in the palm of his left hand since he was four was not high on my list of things to love.

It was huge. The home freezing things hurt, and didn't really work. The liquid didn't either, more because I wasn't consistent enough. Same with duct tape and fingernail polish. He fell twice last year on his scooter and scraped off the top layer. We were convinced that would do it. But it came back bigger.

Today we took our 7-year-old to the doctor to get rid of it. We weren't sure how they'd get rid of it, and just kept saying wart removal. He was fine with this plan. When he asked if it would hurt, we told him we didn't know. But we did. We knew it would.

We went in armed with a set of gummy fast food things. He's gotten gummy hamburgers before, and loved them. This set had gummy hamburger, hotdog, French fries, pizza and soda. I told him that whenever he screamed, I would shove a French fry in his mouth. He thought that was funny.
This is the offensive wart right before the doctor got to it.

The appointment didn't start off well. The doctor came in, and said that 7 was a bad age for this. He recommended using wart removal liquid with electrical tape on top. We thought he was going to try and send us out the door after all of the buildup we've had with this appointment. Not to mention the office fee would have gotten. Luckily, he said he would try it. He said it would hurt. He said it would be several minutes of hurting. I said that's why we were both there.

He pulled out a fire-extinguisher looking thing to freeze it. Little Elvis laid down on the table, I held the top, Bob held the legs and he started freezing the wart. At first it was fine. Then the pain started. He screamed and screamed. The doctor got kind of frustrated with the yelling and we gave him gummy pizza slices and gummy fries. We promised him the Disney Infinity Dash that he wanted. We told him about our planned day trip to the big city. It was several minutes of him crying and sometimes screaming. It was hard. It hurt. But it ended. The doctor said he was glad it was over, because we might not be able to afford any more promises.

Little Elvis still cried some, but the pain didn't last long. He was told to try not to touch it, and he's been worried about every accidental touch. But he's fine. It looks the same. But it's supposed to scab over, then the blister will ooze. We'll bandage it then, as well we can bandage the palm of his dominant hand. Then we will know if it's gone.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Oh, boy. I'm sorry! Warts are not fun. Crossing my fingers that this did the trick!

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like LE did pretty good with this. Good prep for future
"bumps in the road". You did real good, as usual.
Grandpa Stew

3:49 PM  

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