Friday, June 06, 2014

Super spy Little Elvis

My parents' church had VBS this week, and the older two boys went. It was spy-themed. Perfect for Little Elvis. On the first day, he dressed like a spy. I pulled out his Agent P hat from his Halloween costume when he was 4. Bob loaned him the shades, and the attitude was all Little Elvis.
He played with his friends in the neighborhood later that day, and the boy said he didn't see him at VBS. I said, it's because he was dressed like a spy.
He wore the hat and glasses on Monday and Tuesday. His teacher told me kept them on the entire day. He seemed to forget about it after that.

His teacher from this year was there, and he was glad to see her. He said after school this year that he was really going to miss her. We thought that was sweet.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

He's got the look down!

10:24 PM  
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