Monday, June 16, 2014

Twos are hard

When Little Elvis had his first major meltdown right after he turned two, one of my friends said the twos were hard on everyone. She was right about Little Elvis, except that the terrible twos stretched into the thunderous threes, fearsome fours and fives and severe sixes.  Luckily, the sevens have seen a marked improvement on the fits....

Just in time for Cheese Puff to hit them. And hit them, he has. Wow. Usually, he's super sweet and loving and polite. He's my best thanker. He thanks everyone. It's incredibly sweet.

Then, especially when he's tired, he starts screaming. Last week, during our weekly trip to Sam's, all hell broke loose. Cheese Puff says he wants a hot dog, but he really doesn't. He wants Baby Plum's pizza. Baby Plum is usually nice enough to share (notice, I didn't mention any terrible twos with Baby Plum.) We decided instead of our usual order, Bob would get a slice of supreme pizza and I would get a hot dog. Cheese Puff could eat the two pieces of my hot dog that he usually eats, and then have some of Bob's pizza. Cheese Puff loves supreme pizza, so this wasn't a problem. Except that it was.

He didn't want the hot dog cut. But he did. But he didn't. He wanted to cut it himself. But he didn't. But he did. He didn't want pizza. But he did. He didn't want his brothers to eat pizza. He didn't want his daddy's pizza. He wanted hot dog. But he didn't. He didn't want anything to drink. But he did. At least he did when his brothers had it. Picture this whole scenario with him screaming. the. whole. time. Some old ladies seated next to us glared.

It was downhill from there. Shopping for our groceries was a mess.

A similar scenario happened at our grocery store two days later. We ended up feeding him blueberries right out of the container. I know.

Still. When not screaming his head off, he's sweet, silly, and super-loving. We just have to get past this stage (and hope it doesn't last 5 years!)
See how sweet? That poor, tired baby. He screamed at Little Elvis for trying to hold the popcorn. Then he passed out.

Also, Baby Plum has decided to try his hand at the terrible twos as well. The fits don't suit him, but he's trying it out anyway. His fits usually stem from something Little Elvis has said or done.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Twos are tough! I think I've blocked a lot of it out, which is not good, considering that we'll be there again soon. My mother also predicts that our youngest is going to be the worst in regards to twos and tantrums.

I do seem to remember that "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" was rather helpful with M, who has quite the temper. The trick where you repeat back to him whatever he said about million times seemed to comfort him. I wouldn't say yes or no when he asked for something, I'd just acknowledge his desire until he was content (and usually he stopped asking for it...!) In fact, I still use that trick. Maybe it will help you? You knows? The more I mother, the less confident I am that any One Thing ever works.

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