Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jet-setting big boys

I've been quiet this week. Why? My two big boys haven't been here. And I did break our camera. But luckily, my mom took and sent lots of pictures of the big boys.

My parents took them to Florida. Baby Plum got to fly in a plane for the first time! And they went to Universal Studios and Sea World. They are on their way back right now.
On the ride up to the big city. They flew out of the big city. Baby Plum's a great car sleeper.
Little Elvis is not a napper. But he is a very excited about going to Florida. They left for the trip right after the debut of "The Bloody Pineapple."
These pictures are probably not in the right order. Here are my two big boys enjoying the pool at the hotel. They loved the hotel. They really loved the pool.
Baby Plum loves chocolate! That is a very happy little boy.
Baby Plum, the world's smartest giraffe.
Sweet brothers.
The boys enjoying Sea World.
Another Sea World picture.
Silly Baby Plum.
Little Elvis in line at Universal Studios. He was not a roller coaster fan. He apparently cried in the line, but went anyway. My dad said people had to think they were mean. I am very familiar with that feeling. Baby Plum LOVED the roller coasters. Kind of figured that he would.
The boys got to share a king size bed in their hotel room. It also had a TV. They aren't allowed to have a TV in their room, so this was a huge treat. They still aren't getting a TV in their room.
Anticipation on the way to the hotel room.
Posing with Woody the Woodpecker.
Little Elvis leading the crowd at a Sinbad thing. That's a happy boy right there. He loves nothing better than getting everyone's attention.

I'm glad they had fun. We missed them, though. Well, two of us did. Cheese Puff said he didn't. But last night, he had me sing Happy Birthday to Baby Plum. So, I think he missed them a little bit. He loved being the only for a while, though.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer blockbuster -- The Bloody Pineapple

Here's the latest Swanson family film project. Little Elvis wrote the screenplay -- his first foray into zombie filmmaking. Enjoy!
We had the world premiere event on Friday. Little Elvis' first-grade teacher attended, as did the film reviewer from the local paper. How cool is that?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buildings, cow costumes, stealing naps

I've been really bad about getting online for a little over a week I guess. Bob's been out of town, and some stuff has been happening with the house!
First, another creation by Little Elvis. This is some sort of gas station, complete with security camera and bathroom. All of his buildings have bathrooms. I think that's very practical of him.
The blue chair is one I painted for Baby Plum. Both of his brothers got dressers, but he didn't need one. I got this chair for free from church and let him pick the color. I was willing to do several, but he wanted it straight up blue. Easy enough.
Our contractor's crew started taking down our pantry, which is close to Cheese Puff's bedroom. Baby couldn't sleep in his room with all the noise, and ended up passing out on the couch. He sweats in his sleep, and this was possibly the worst place for him to fall asleep. Right before I took the picture, he had nuzzled his face into the corner, and stuck his bottom in the air. My dad repositioned him.
We also did Cow Appreciation Day last Friday. Since Bob was gone, we went by ourselves. Little Elvis made us signs like the stuffed cows wear, and I think he did a great job. Cheese Puff refused to wear his ears or go near the cow. Little Elvis didn't.
He also didn't mind posing with the cow cutout.
Baby Plum needed some assistance reaching the hole.
But he still wanted to show me how strong he is. Cheese Puff also wanted to, but my camera died. (Notice a haircut? Both of the older boys got buzz cuts last week. They look so much older now.)

The next day, Saturday, several workers with 8 Days of Hope showed up and put new shingles up on most of our roof. They were so nice, and worked in the typical Mississippi heat. I felt awful about how hot it was, but they did a great job. We are so thankful. Now, we're just waiting for the sunroom construction to start.

And we're happy that Bob gets back this afternoon. I will be thrilled to get some real sleep.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Funny little boys

The boys have been busting out some funny sayings. I'm sure I haven't remembered them all.

Baby Plum: I ate the whole bowl, because I'm going to be big, and strong, and VERY!!!

Cheese Puff (to just about any question asked of anybody): Yep. I did it.

Little Elvis: Baby Plum likes math, so I don't have to do it. (I think he means ever.)

Little Elvis: In Bloody Pineapple 2, the zombies are going to be Mommy's cookbooks!  (His brothers burst out laughing at this, so he adds more inanimate objects.)

Cheese Puff (to the question, what is your name?): Baby.

Baby Plum: I forgot to bring Go Fish. (said very sadly after we made an impromptu visit to my parents' house.)

I need to write things down as soon as they say stuff, because it evaporates from my mind so quickly!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Zombie dummy

We shot a zombie movie for Little Elvis last week. Since this movie involved stunts that I didn't think moms would like their kids performing, I made a zombie dummy.

He ended up looking sorta real. I stuffed some jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt of Little Elvis' with fiberfill, and made the head with muslin. The head was kind of on the small side, but it worked for the dropping and flying through the air stunts.

Bob tied the shoes on for me.
We thought we'd make zombie dummy patriotic for the 4th.
I gave him a bloody mouth and a big scar on his cheek. Since most of the kids doing the stunts had brown hair, I scribbled some brown hair on the back.

I thought it would be funny if we made it look like he was singing. Little Elvis wasn't super keen on helping me get this shot. The boys only kind of liked zombie dummy.
The cats however, loved him. It was a lap they could sleep on and never be bothered. He's since been deconstructed. But he served his purpose very well. Good bye Zombie Dummy.

"Doing yoga" and dancing

Baby Plum was digging in a closet the other day and found my yoga mat. Little Elvis decided to teach him how to "do" yoga.
Don't they look peaceful? Baby Plum put himself in a weird position and asked if it was yoga. It looked like a variation on downward dog to me, so I said yes.
While his brothers like "doing yoga," Cheese Puff prefers to dance away his stress. His current favorite song is "Shake Your Booty" by KC and the Sunshine Band. He sings the chorus and shakes. I believe it was playing on the ipod while this picture was taken. He's my natural dancer, and was shaking his booty at first. Baby Plum has since taught him a different version of bootyshaking that does not involve the booty at all. But Baby Plum thinks it does, and that's what counts.
After all of that exercise, little boy needed a nap. (He really just wanted to keep me from making the bed.)

Special visitors and a super cool leaf

We had special visitors a couple of weeks ago, and the boys had a blast! Bob's aunt and uncle from Tennessee came for a day visit. 
I dressed the boys in their trouble shirts. Baby Plum was not happy, because he had already picked out his shirt for the day and it wasn't the trouble shirt. Little Elvis didn't like changing either. It takes too much time to take off one t-shirt and put on another.

The boys showed off all of their tricks and were pretty good. They got to stay up super late and get a shake at Sonic. Cheese Puff loved Bob's shake and Bob didn't get much of it. He enjoyed some of mine and Baby Plum's. Little Elvis will say he's full, but then the thought of Daddy or a brother enjoying whatever he's eating will overtake his fullness. I think it's a brother thing.
While Bob's aunt and uncle were here I found this leaf in our yard. I thought it was super cool. I love how it has tree type rings on it. I think it might be an ivy leaf that fell off the top of a tree. There's a tree in my neighbor's yard with ivy vining all the way up. But I could be wrong. I'm not much of a leaf expert.

We had a great time visiting with Bob's aunt and uncle! We love getting visitors.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Riding a bear

My father used to have this bear on the floor, but he got sick of the bear's teeth and claws catching on bare feet. So, he built a sawhorse, and put the bear on it.
See? He's a creative problem solver. Little Elvis liked it alright, but Cheese Puff was scared of it, and wouldn't go near it.
The older boys got to watch a July 4th parade with my parents this weekend. Don't feel bad for Cheese Puff. He got to go to a local festival and play at the water pad.
My parents said that Little Elvis loved the fireworks, but Baby Plum was scared of the noise. Knowing those two, that was very surprising. 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The many faces of Cheese Puff (with pictures!)

 This is a favorite face of Cheese Puff's. He expects you to mirror his expression.
 Once you do, he bows his head to show only part of his eyes.
 Then he gives the ultimate scrunchy face.
And ends with happy surprise!

My mom took these pictures, and she did a great job documenting some of the expressions. I'm sure the day of staring in mirrors at crazy expressions is just around the corner...

I've been bad with posting this week. We are in the midst of shooting Little Elvis' latest movie. A zombie movie! With a cast of double digits! Special effects! Special song and score! Make-up! And a zombie dummy! It should be between six and eight minutes. We've finished shooting, and Bob started the editing tonight. Yay!