Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buildings, cow costumes, stealing naps

I've been really bad about getting online for a little over a week I guess. Bob's been out of town, and some stuff has been happening with the house!
First, another creation by Little Elvis. This is some sort of gas station, complete with security camera and bathroom. All of his buildings have bathrooms. I think that's very practical of him.
The blue chair is one I painted for Baby Plum. Both of his brothers got dressers, but he didn't need one. I got this chair for free from church and let him pick the color. I was willing to do several, but he wanted it straight up blue. Easy enough.
Our contractor's crew started taking down our pantry, which is close to Cheese Puff's bedroom. Baby couldn't sleep in his room with all the noise, and ended up passing out on the couch. He sweats in his sleep, and this was possibly the worst place for him to fall asleep. Right before I took the picture, he had nuzzled his face into the corner, and stuck his bottom in the air. My dad repositioned him.
We also did Cow Appreciation Day last Friday. Since Bob was gone, we went by ourselves. Little Elvis made us signs like the stuffed cows wear, and I think he did a great job. Cheese Puff refused to wear his ears or go near the cow. Little Elvis didn't.
He also didn't mind posing with the cow cutout.
Baby Plum needed some assistance reaching the hole.
But he still wanted to show me how strong he is. Cheese Puff also wanted to, but my camera died. (Notice a haircut? Both of the older boys got buzz cuts last week. They look so much older now.)

The next day, Saturday, several workers with 8 Days of Hope showed up and put new shingles up on most of our roof. They were so nice, and worked in the typical Mississippi heat. I felt awful about how hot it was, but they did a great job. We are so thankful. Now, we're just waiting for the sunroom construction to start.

And we're happy that Bob gets back this afternoon. I will be thrilled to get some real sleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I could not join you for Cow appreciation day this year but I did go to my local Chick Fil A in full costume. Not as much fun as with the Tupelo Swansons.
Grandpa Stew

4:48 PM  

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