Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jet-setting big boys

I've been quiet this week. Why? My two big boys haven't been here. And I did break our camera. But luckily, my mom took and sent lots of pictures of the big boys.

My parents took them to Florida. Baby Plum got to fly in a plane for the first time! And they went to Universal Studios and Sea World. They are on their way back right now.
On the ride up to the big city. They flew out of the big city. Baby Plum's a great car sleeper.
Little Elvis is not a napper. But he is a very excited about going to Florida. They left for the trip right after the debut of "The Bloody Pineapple."
These pictures are probably not in the right order. Here are my two big boys enjoying the pool at the hotel. They loved the hotel. They really loved the pool.
Baby Plum loves chocolate! That is a very happy little boy.
Baby Plum, the world's smartest giraffe.
Sweet brothers.
The boys enjoying Sea World.
Another Sea World picture.
Silly Baby Plum.
Little Elvis in line at Universal Studios. He was not a roller coaster fan. He apparently cried in the line, but went anyway. My dad said people had to think they were mean. I am very familiar with that feeling. Baby Plum LOVED the roller coasters. Kind of figured that he would.
The boys got to share a king size bed in their hotel room. It also had a TV. They aren't allowed to have a TV in their room, so this was a huge treat. They still aren't getting a TV in their room.
Anticipation on the way to the hotel room.
Posing with Woody the Woodpecker.
Little Elvis leading the crowd at a Sinbad thing. That's a happy boy right there. He loves nothing better than getting everyone's attention.

I'm glad they had fun. We missed them, though. Well, two of us did. Cheese Puff said he didn't. But last night, he had me sing Happy Birthday to Baby Plum. So, I think he missed them a little bit. He loved being the only for a while, though.


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Very cool! Looks like it was fun for everyone.

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