Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Special visitors and a super cool leaf

We had special visitors a couple of weeks ago, and the boys had a blast! Bob's aunt and uncle from Tennessee came for a day visit. 
I dressed the boys in their trouble shirts. Baby Plum was not happy, because he had already picked out his shirt for the day and it wasn't the trouble shirt. Little Elvis didn't like changing either. It takes too much time to take off one t-shirt and put on another.

The boys showed off all of their tricks and were pretty good. They got to stay up super late and get a shake at Sonic. Cheese Puff loved Bob's shake and Bob didn't get much of it. He enjoyed some of mine and Baby Plum's. Little Elvis will say he's full, but then the thought of Daddy or a brother enjoying whatever he's eating will overtake his fullness. I think it's a brother thing.
While Bob's aunt and uncle were here I found this leaf in our yard. I thought it was super cool. I love how it has tree type rings on it. I think it might be an ivy leaf that fell off the top of a tree. There's a tree in my neighbor's yard with ivy vining all the way up. But I could be wrong. I'm not much of a leaf expert.

We had a great time visiting with Bob's aunt and uncle! We love getting visitors.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

(i love the t-shirts!)

Very cool leaf. I'll be wondering all night what/how would cause that pattern...

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