Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The many faces of Cheese Puff (with pictures!)

 This is a favorite face of Cheese Puff's. He expects you to mirror his expression.
 Once you do, he bows his head to show only part of his eyes.
 Then he gives the ultimate scrunchy face.
And ends with happy surprise!

My mom took these pictures, and she did a great job documenting some of the expressions. I'm sure the day of staring in mirrors at crazy expressions is just around the corner...

I've been bad with posting this week. We are in the midst of shooting Little Elvis' latest movie. A zombie movie! With a cast of double digits! Special effects! Special song and score! Make-up! And a zombie dummy! It should be between six and eight minutes. We've finished shooting, and Bob started the editing tonight. Yay!


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love these faces!!!

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