Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Zombie dummy

We shot a zombie movie for Little Elvis last week. Since this movie involved stunts that I didn't think moms would like their kids performing, I made a zombie dummy.

He ended up looking sorta real. I stuffed some jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt of Little Elvis' with fiberfill, and made the head with muslin. The head was kind of on the small side, but it worked for the dropping and flying through the air stunts.

Bob tied the shoes on for me.
We thought we'd make zombie dummy patriotic for the 4th.
I gave him a bloody mouth and a big scar on his cheek. Since most of the kids doing the stunts had brown hair, I scribbled some brown hair on the back.

I thought it would be funny if we made it look like he was singing. Little Elvis wasn't super keen on helping me get this shot. The boys only kind of liked zombie dummy.
The cats however, loved him. It was a lap they could sleep on and never be bothered. He's since been deconstructed. But he served his purpose very well. Good bye Zombie Dummy.


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