Thursday, August 28, 2014

His name is Just

Our pick up schedule in the afternoons is a source of frustration. I pick up Baby Plum at 2:30. Little Elvis doesn't get out until 3:10. But it's usually more like 3:20 when he gets in the car. And it's an even longer wait in the hot sun with no shade.

There's no point going home and unloading and reloading children. Sometimes we go to the library. We went to the drug store one day last week. But it's out of the way. There's a park, but it's so hot right now, and Little Elvis would be upset when he got in the car to find 2 brothers wet from playing on the water pad.

It doesn't help that Baby Plum doesn't eat much of his lunch at school, preferring to eat it in the car and cause fights with Cheese Puff. They even fight over the water bottle.

Yesterday, we tried to meet someone on the other side of town between pick ups. That person gave me the wrong day, and I was extremely frustrated. Waste of gas and time.

When I stopped grousing, I realized that Baby Plum was "reading" to Cheese Puff. They like the Little Critter books, and we have "Just Go to Bed!" in the car. Baby Plum's learning to read, but I believe he has most of this book memorized.

Once he was done reading, I heard him say, "What is Just doing there?"

Cheese Puff would answer, "sad face!" or talk about someone playing with a baby.

At the front of the book, there's a series of pictures with the Little Critter doing different things. Baby Plum assumed his name was Just. He was reading it as Just, go to bed! Instead of just go to bed! Sweet thing. I asked him if that was the critter's name, and he stopped talking and gave me his shy little grin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SMART- Just a different kind of smart.
Grandpa Stew

2:48 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love it! "Just" as a name makes it sound nicer, too!

It sounds like the pick up routine may improve when the weather gets cooler? Hopefully!

8:17 AM  
Anonymous LiveGrooveLove said...

How funny! You never know what kids will get out of a book :)

7:34 AM  
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