Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Old McDonald's Farm teems with oddities

Cheese Puff likes a good night song. He doesn't necessarily want a lullaby, but he wants some music to send him off to sleep.

For the longest time, I could do "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "You are my sunshine." But here recently, he's wanted a different song every night. Sometimes, he wants hybrids. For two nights he loved "Twinkle Apple." Instead of a diamond in the sky, it was an apple.

He also likes "Fan." That's a song about fans. Specifically, its the word "fan" sung to the tune "Sweet Caroline." He hits me with these things at the last minute, so I'm acting on the fly. Bob knows songs about fans. I do not. I know the tune to "Sweet Caroline" though.

Bob stumbled upon a song that's been working for several days. "Old McDonald." Cheese Puff likes to choose the characters on this farm. His farm always has a 'man.' My man says "hello." Bob's man says "blah blah."

But that's not the only new creature on Cheese Puff's farm. He has bears, dinosaurs, The Incredibles, pacifiers, fans, Daddy, Mommy and Cheese Puff. But the man is his favorite. And it's not just man. He growls, "man!" when I stop to find out what is on the farm.

While delaying bedtime this evening -- Cheese Puff's preferred method of delay is using the potty -- Wally walked in. Cheese Puff found this hilarious. Wally kept walking in and out of the bathroom, so Cheese Puff came up with new locations for Wally to visit. The first time Wally left, Cheese Puff decided that he went to Gram and Coachpa's. The second time Wally left, Cheese Puff said he was going to church. In his world, men and pacifiers live on farms, and our cats like to go visiting in the evening.

Today, after another full day of school, Baby Plum told me about a friend that he already knew in the class. Well, he answered a question I asked about the friend. I asked if he saw his friend from the neighborhood. He said, "I saw her, but it wasn't the real her." I told her mother, and she said that her daughter just got glasses. She thinks the glasses confused him. His teacher said he was very outgoing and made a friend. He refused to talk too much about it to us. We got what the friend's name MIGHT be, and that was it.

One of Little Elvis' teachers this year is someone that was one of my good friends in high school. She had him in class for the first time today. She was very surprised by his vocabulary (I don't think in a bad way) and said he was sweet. I got the text as he was pitching a fit about the mess he and Baby Plum made while fighting over a snack. I made them clean up said mess, which was as bad as torture in his eyes. Then he ranted about how terrible homework is. "Who invented homework anyway?"


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I like it when you can start changing the words of songs and the kids recognize and appreciate it. I think it represents a whole new level of cognitive development. As a adult, it's SO FUN to play with them like this! Wow! Your boys are really growing up!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Creative thinking! The schools will try to undo that but they can't with the examples you as parents are providing. Keep up the good work.-Grandpa Stew

10:15 AM  

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