Wednesday, August 06, 2014

School is back in session!

School started back this week! Little Elvis is going all week. Baby Plum goes one day this week, and then starts full time next week. Little Elvis on his first day of school at the "big" school. His new school goes from second to fifth grade. I thought about this the other day, we'll be taking boys to this school for YEARS.
 Little Elvis wanted to pose near me. It's 7:15 in the morning, and I don't do make-up that early.
 Baby Plum on his first day of school. He went on Tuesday. He wanted to be goofy for his picture.
 Here he is with his backpack. He's so excited to finally get to use this backpack! He's got his shoes on the wrong feet. We've come to accept that this is just who he is. He wants to wear them on the wrong feet, even if he gets blisters on his toes.
 If Baby Plum gets his picture taken, then so does Little Elvis.
And so does Cheese Puff. He starts pre-school in two weeks, and seems excited. He's absolutely not shy, so I think he'll do alright. I've tried to warn them that he's the youngest of three boys, and kind of physical. They keep brushing me off, saying they've had other physical kids, and it's been fine.
Baby Plum with his two teachers. They both seem really nice. I hope he talks and comes out of his shell some. He told us his first day was good, but they made him throw away his animal crackers at the end of lunch, because he didn't finish them. They never did that with Little Elvis. Hopefully, he'll get to keep his leftovers from now on, so he can snack during the long wait to pick up Little Elvis.

(All of these pictures were taken with our new camera! Bob fixed the old one, too.)


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Hurray! School!

Baby Plum is looking so grown up, I had a hard time typing "Baby." ;-)

10:00 AM  
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