Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First goal!

Baby Plum scored his first soccer goal last night! I didn't have my camera.

He's so funny. He still won't really kick in the thick of it with all the other kids. But it was a perfect storm for his goal. I don't remember if he threw in the ball, or if someone else did. But he was the only kid there, and the other kids didn't seem to realize the ball was in play. So he kicked it toward the goal and kept running and kicking until he got it in!

He wouldn't look at us cheering on the sideline, but I think he was excited. His coach bought him an ice pop for scoring a goal. Smart coach. Baby Plum loves sweets.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Curse of the Seeno's

Today, while reading a book and drawing a picture, Little Elvis asked me to help him draw "Curse of the Seeno's."

At least that's what I heard. Bob was also confused.

Little Elvis finally decided to just do it himself. He had a circle on the paper and drew what looked like the sideways view of a scroll. Then he showed it to me.

Bob looked at it and started laughing. Little Elvis wanted a cursive C nose. A nose in the shape of a sideways cursive letter C.

That's exactly what he said, but it's not what I heard. Glad he was able to do it without my help!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Latest project!

I don't know if it seems like I've not been posting as much, or not. I should be more regular with it since I now have two mornings free each week! But I've been using that time to work on some projects.

After the tornado, one of our neighbors was planning to throw away 6 dining room chairs that had been in storage for at least 2 decades. I asked for them, and he was glad to get rid of them. I decided to fix them up and sell to make money to buy trees for the neighborhood.

Well, the six dwindled to 3. Some were just too damaged for me to repair.

But here are the three I did fix!
I'm worried the fabric's graphic print didn't photograph well. I didn't think about that. You know how sometimes when someone wears a thinly striped shirt, it can give you a headache to stare at it? Those stripes don't photograph well. This is a modern, graphic print. It might not photograph well, either.

Anyway, I still had to do repairs on the three chairs I kept. Wood glue does not take stain. That meant I had to paint them. And I've always been of the opinion that if you're going to do something, you might as well DO something. Why paint them white, when you can paint them fuchsia and sky blue?
They're pretty chairs, and I think the colors make the design of the back more noticeable.
I had enough paint for two hot pink chairs. I was thinking of my 26-year-old cousin with the color choice. It seems like something fun and funky that a single girl might like.
The fabric did not photograph well. I will have to do a better job on that.
Here's the backs of the pink chairs.
I'm pretty happy with them, but I know my tastes run a bit more eclectic than most, especially around here. I hope they sell. By the way, the fireplace, rug and chair fabric look crazy in this photo. Maybe it was a photographer error.

I also got two long kids' height tables and lots of little chairs from my church. My parents took one table and 4 chairs. The remaining chairs and table are my next projects. I'm planning to set up a homework table for the boys in the sunroom, so the table should work nicely. I can do all sorts of crazy colors on the chairs. It should be fun! And, tables are SO much easier to sand.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A semi-typical morning

Ok, so this first picture isn't typical.
Little Elvis kind of picked his outfit this morning, and chose to wear tennis shoes! He hates to tie shoes. He fusses every time I suggest he wear them. But he picked out the bright socks that he pulled up high, and his baseball jersey.
While taking Little Elvis' picture, I heard Baby Plum telling Cheese Puff how to brush his teeth. It was so cute! They were finished by the time I got in there, but were happy to re-enact the teeth brushing for the camera. Baby Plum takes being a big brother very seriously.

Cheese Puff is wearing his current favorite pair of pajamas. This baby LOVES PJs.
Once big brothers were gone, Cheese Puff decided to do a little construction work around the house. I offered to find him the construction vest for all of the hard work, and he decided that he also needed the fireman hat. We hung his hammer on the front of his little vest. He wore it for about 1-2 minutes. It's longer than his typical 5 seconds.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby Plum's first soccer game!

Baby Plum has been so excited about his first soccer game! He's been looking forward to playing for a couple of years. That mean old late birthday.
He posed for me in his new soccer jersey before we headed for the game. Looks like a soccer player doesn't he? He picked number 10.
He does a great job listening to his coach.
See? At first, he was a little hesitant to get into the fray.
And he liked chewing on his glove. Maybe it's not working as well we thought.
In the second half, he got more into the physical aspect, and would kick in the crowd.
He got a corner kick. They didn't keep score, but he would get a couple of assists. The other team didn't really get which goal was theirs, and one of the other team members kicked his corner kick into our team goal.

He was so serious. When he was on the sidelines, he watched the game intently, and tried to drink all of his PowerAde.
Cheese Puff also loved the game. He played with Baby Plum's ball most of the evening. He kicked with my parents and threw the ball at our bottoms (and my head!)
He perfected sitting on the ball.
And played just a little with Buzz.
Little Elvis brought a book, but watched some of the game. He even practiced with Baby Plum before the game and really impressed me (probably easy to do) with his ball handling skills. We tried soccer too early for him I guess.

Family shot

Baby Plum had to do a sheet about himself for school this month. He put soccer stickers on it, and cut out a picture of a guitar. I found McDonald's and ChickfilA logos, and he put those on there, too. He colored some green, and then we posed for a family picture Saturday night at my grandmother's house. Cheese Puff spilled ice cream on his pants, so he was bare legged. It still turned out pretty well.

I meant to take a picture of Mr. I-wear-my-shoes-on-the-wrong-feet. But he wore them on the correct feet all weekend. This morning, he put them on the wrong feet. Silly boy.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Touch a truck!

It's Touch a truck time again in our area! It's this neat thing our Park and Rec does for the city. All sorts of big trucks are set up in a parking lot, and kids get to tour them and talk to the drivers.
Baby Plum got to drive an excavator. I think he's having fun. He's very chill.
This year, they did the event with a group called Excel by 5. It encourages parents of children under five to read to their children, and shows different ways to encourage reading. They brought these fun magnet games and arts and crafts.
It's funny that Cheese Puff is doing the magnet game, because they have these things at the library and Baby Plum LOVES them. He must have wanted to try new things on Saturday.
Still wearing his glove.
Cheese Puff got a rubber bracelet that he adored... for about 5 minutes.
They also got to play games this year!
And they had a bouncy house.
It was a much bigger event than usual.
Practicing their driving skills.
There's a smile from Baby Plum!
And another smile!

They also got to get inside of a fire truck and the bookmobile!

I think they had a good time. Bob took them, because someone had to stay home with Little Elvis, he of the bad attitude this weekend.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Soccer, big boxes, and Grandparents Week

 Baby Plum had his first soccer practice a couple of weeks ago. He wore a lizard hat that he never wears, because, well, why not? He also had on his soccer socks pulled up to his knees. We found out about the practice last minute, so he's in his school clothes. He LOVED practice, and takes it very seriously. His first game is this week!
 On Sunday, the boys got a big box to play in. We put it in the "sunroom." We put up the insulation ourselves! We're doing the ceiling insulation this weekend.
 Cheese Puff joined in the fun.
 Notice Baby Plum channeling Michael Jackson? That's his thumbsucking hand, and (for now!) this week he's been wearing a glove on that hand. Today, he wasn't as good. But I think maybe he finally wants to stop. We'll see.
 This is the day after he was sick all night. He refused to nap all morning and early afternoon, then passed out while we were picking Little Elvis up from school. He slept for about 2 hours after we got home, in that position.
 It was Grandparents' Week at Cheese Puff's school this week. Coachpa got the honor of taking him to school and eating breakfast with him. Coachpa said it was nice. Cheese Puff was thrilled that Coachpa took him to school, and pitched a fit when I picked him up. He wanted his Coachpa to pick him up.
Finally, a picture of Little Elvis! He's modeling our new chair. It's my Christmas present from my parents. I've been eyeing it at Sam's, waiting for it to go on sale. Other people must have too, because they got the last one! Merry Christmas to me! It spins and the boys all love it.

Little Elvis and I have had a rough weekend. It's a big part attitude. I'm just at a loss. We took a lot away this weekend, and I may have to take away more. I hope not. How I hope not.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Something's missing...

I've been bad about the camera. Maybe. Most likely. Something... someone is missing from these pictures. I'm not sure why. Well, I know why. He was grounded for the first two pictures, and we were waiting to pick him up in the second two. I will have to do a better job. He's still cute. Just sometimes his actions aren't.
Cheese Puff got to have his second overnight this weekend. Little Elvis had some rough patches this week, and was not allowed to spend the night with Gram and Coachpa. Cheese Puff very willingly stepped in.

He and Baby Plum went with my mom to visit Mawmaw and Pawpaw. Here they sat in his chair.

They played well together and even slept together on Baby Plum's pallet. They've never slept together, but they apparently did a great job.

My parents have decided that from now on, they'd like to do Little Elvis one weekend and Baby Plum and Cheese Puff on the next.

It all depends on behavior. At this point....

While at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's, Baby Plum ate an Oreo. See his face? That's his face after eating anything. He is the messiest eater. I doubt he got as much in his tummy as he did on his face.
This morning was supposed to be my alone morning. I will get two a week! But, Baby Plum got sick last night, so I spent the day with Baby Plum. He only had an episode this morning, although he didn't have much of an appetite today. He watched a little TV while I worked on a chair that I had been planning to work on. Once I was sure he was over his spells, he helped me clean. He says he loves mopping. I didn't redo the vacuuming he did, because he was so proud of himself. But I will vacuum the house tomorrow when he's not here.
Baby Plum almost fell asleep during lunch, but once we went to pick up Cheese Puff, he perked up. We worked on something for his birthday party and played games and worked on reading. He never once seemed tired.
Then we headed out to pick up Little Elvis.
I talked to them during the whole drive, and figured Baby Plum was just letting Cheese Puff answer for him. No, he must have passed out the second we got on the road. He continued sleeping once we got home. He was so worn out from last night.
This boy was well-rested, though. He was ready to play, but let his brother sleep.

Tomorrow, I will take pictures of Little Elvis. He's been missing around these parts. While Baby Plum slept and Cheese Puff played this afternoon, Little Elvis tried to type out a story on Bob's computer. We've not really tried typing before.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Labor Day fun

The boys went to my parents' cabin for the last part of the Labor Day weekend. My parents took all three, and we drove up about 2 hours later. We stopped by a roadside flea market and bought part of Baby Plum's birthday present. He turns 5 in about 3 weeks!
Baby Plum and Little Elvis wanted a snack on Monday morning. Baby Plum went for sweet. Little Elvis went for salty.
The big boys swam while we shopped. Cheese Puff fished. We had their swim trunks, so they had to make do.
The fun of the weekend wore two of our boys out. At least they had clothes on, though!

We bought Baby Plum a little violin. Bob is thrilled. I'm a little worried about the noise. I got Baby Plum an oven. It's an Easy Bake, but doesn't use a bulb. It's an actual oven. He wants a fridge, I figured it was a much better option.