Friday, October 24, 2014

Dreams of chocolate, and a way too silly Tooth Fairy

Some mornings Baby Plum gets into bed with us. It's my chance to snuggle my not-so-huggable baby. I think he joins us if he wakes up to go to the bathroom.

This morning, he partially woke up and asked what I was baking for him. I told him I wasn't baking anything (the boys get cereal, fruit or yogurt for breakfast.)

He closed his eyes and murmured, "I was dreaming about chocolate ice cream cones, chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies."

While this child was dreaming of sweets, his older brother was looking under his pillow for money from the tooth fairy. There was none. He went to look at his toothbrush, because that's where the "Tooth Fairy" put it last time she forgot about his tooth. It wasn't there, either.

Daddy put the money in his tennis shoe. After breakfast, he went to take the sheets off his bed and said to me, "Let me see if the Tooth Fairy put the money under my pillow during breakfast." I'm not sure what I was doing in there, but I told him that he had a super silly tooth fairy, who liked to play games. Then I told him that I had seen the money, and he would see it when he finished getting dressed. He found the money. I think he might have lost any belief he had in the Tooth Fairy, though.

About the tooth, he pulled at school during lunch. It wasn't even that loose. He said the super crunchy pretzel in his lunch loosened it.

As for Cheese Puff, he continues to happily sleep in his big boy bed, and LOVES it.


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